Thursday, April 17, 2014

What about Ben's books?

The Library will get an addition. Felicia Oti, Library Director and members of the Library Board of Directors made the case that Franklin has outgrown the current space provided by the Library facility. It was built in 1904, added to in 1988 and due for a new expansion now.

There was not an opportunity for public discussion but I was itching to ask how Ben's books are being handled in this renovation. Where are they stored today? Word has it that they are in the 'safe'. Which  may be a secure place but for ancient text, is it the best climate controlled environment for a true legacy of Franklin? If not, then this renovation proposal would be a great time to provide for them books properly. As the renovation committee gets formed and details get worked out, there will be time to address this aspect of Franklin's legacy.

The remainder of the Town Council meeting was a busy one on Wednesday evening. As reported when the agenda was published here on Sunday, there was a full slate of monetary action items to be voted on.

The full accounting of the $1,592,000 to be spent on the various departmental capital requirements is outlined in the following document. The source of funds is tallied on page 2. Most of the funds come from the 'free cash' but there are several other capital accounts that are being closed out and those funds are being used here. A perfectly acceptable method!

The individual posts as reported live during the Town Council meeting on Wednesday:

Library Book Sale - Sat April 19th
Library Book Sale - Sat April 19th

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