Wednesday, September 10, 2014

He went for the money, stayed for the cause

Fun fact:
Tuesday, we hit 1837 'fans' of this Facebook page. Thank you all for coming to visit, read, and share.
1837 was also the year that Horace Mann began his work in education.

According to wikipedia:
"It was not until he was appointed secretary in 1837 of the newly created board of education of Massachusetts (the first such position in the United States) that he began the work which was to place him in the foremost rank of American educationists. Previously, he had not shown any special interest in education. He was encouraged to take the job only because it was a paid office position established by the legislature. He began as secretary of the board. On entering on his duties, he withdrew from all other professional or business engagements and from politics."

Horace Mann page on wikipedia
Horace Mann page on wikipedia

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