Sunday, September 7, 2014

Online tool for MA 'lemon law'

The Office of Consumer Affairs recently conducted a survey of auto dealerships to see how they complied with providing notification to consumers on the 'lemon law'.
The number of dealerships that complied with the law and displayed the sticker on their car was disappointing: overall, 43 percent of the cars surveyed were missing the required Lemon Law sticker. Of the 71 dealerships examined, only 16 showed 100 percent compliance – 30 showed over 80 percent compliance. 17 dealerships had no stickers at all on any of the cars examined in the survey. 
Fortunately, the Office of Consumer Affairs created an online tool to educate consumers on the state’s lemon laws. You are still protected by these laws, even if the dealerships don’t tell you. Users can fill out our online survey with “yes” or “no” answers to find out if they qualify under the lemon laws. Users who qualify will be directed to the proper paperwork that they can fill out and take the necessary steps to refund their money. If a consumer requires arbitration to receive the refund they are entitled to, the application form for that is available on the same application page.
Office of Consumer Affairs
Office of Consumer Affairs

You can find the full article online here

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