Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fire Alarm - Horace Mann, Oak St, ECDC schools

A message from OAK STREET ELEMENTARYGood afternoon Oak St, ECDC, and Horace Mann families,

As you may know, a malfunction in one of our smoke detectors triggered an emergency evacuation. Even though this was not technically a drill, our students and faculty were not in any real danger at any time. The evacuation went smoothly and the fire and police departments responded quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, the same malfunction that triggered the alarm prevented us from immediately resetting the system. As a result, the alarm persisted for more than three hours.

After waiting outside for thirty minutes, we were cleared by the fire, police, and facilities departments to reenter the building despite not being able to reset the alarm. The flashing lights associated with the fire alarm continued through most of the afternoon. Accommodations were made for individual students as needed.

Best regards,

Corine Minkle, Kelty Kelly, Shawn Fortin
Oak St, ECDC, Horace Mann

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Horace Mann - Oak St (ECDC is located behind this building)
Horace Mann - Oak St (ECDC is located behind this building)

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