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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Little Free Library built by Girls Scouts

Jeffrey N. Roy (@jeffroy) tweeted Mon, Oct 25, 2021:
"Joined Girl Scouts from Troop 62394 who are spreading the gift of knowledge through the construction of a Little Free Library at the Oak Street and Horace Mann Schools complex (Charter #127996 in the network). 
Amazing work and their second library in town!"

Little Free Library built by Girls Scouts
Little Free Library built by Girls Scouts

Friday, January 15, 2021

School Committee - Jan 12, 2021 - Meeting Recap

Quick Recap:
  • Excellent presentation and overview from Oak St on their in school learning. At least one parent said while that is rosy, the 'at home' situation is not so
  • Superintendent Ahern updated on new pool testing option available, sessions to explain further scheduled, need to respond back to DESE if we'd use it. Need to get a good (?) number to participate to make it worth while 
  • Recommends community #DoYourPart in following protocols esp. with long weekend, and Feb vacation breaks coming up
  • K-1 survey results revealed and discussion, situation summarized as a "dilemma" with no clear path forward other than more study
  • Student Opportunity Act (SOA) plan approved; a formality as there is no SOA money from the State, but DESE wants this, so be it
  • School Committee voted 5-2 to suspend athletics if district goes fully remote due to increase in COVID cases (how much more red than the red we are was not provided to trigger this move)
  • Hold the date for the next Legislative forum now scheduled for March 2
Photos captured during the meeting and shared via the Twitter thread can be found in one folder


As with most meetings in this pandemic period, I took my notes via Twitter during the meeting reporting in real-time via the virtual session.
The Twitter hashtag can be found online  #schcom0112

Citizen Comments/FHS Updates
  • #schcom0112 ELL teacher traveling between Jeff/Kennedy shares during citizen comments. FHS student updates: yearbook superlatives shared, diversity club active esp after Capitol incident; AP government doing a fantasy game on media coverage
  • Class of 2022 doing a flocking fund raiser, winter sports teams off to a good start. #schcom0112 
Superintendent's report 
  • superintendent's report - appeal to Community "Do your part" ; rumors/videos of additional parties, can't tell if FHS participated or they are current. Pls follow safety guides!
  • 2nd re: travel on weekends, re MA order, requires 72 hour window for testing upon return, or quarantine. If testing before, can't count that test upon return, you need another one. #schcom0112 weekend ahead, Feb vacation and April coming. Test 5 days after return
  • Hearing of cases thru contact tracing (which is good) but there is a lag in processing, if positive test please contact schools directly so action can be taken quickly. #schcom0112 image on pool testing. Note: participation up over 140
  • Explanation of pool testing process, cost of pool testing less than normal, first 6 wks covered by DESE then local funds would be applied however sourced #schcom0112 professional development day on Weds, hence half day for students.
  • Asked Q on time for logistics of admin for the testing, would seem to come from instruction, is DESE considering that relative to their interest in time on learning? #schcom0112
  • Item in report Dr Edwards is retiring at end of school year. Will be missed and plans underway to backfill. More recognition later this year as other retirement are acknowledged. #schcom0112
Oak St presentation
  • Oak St highlights for tonight's presentation, principal and others contributing for update #schcom0112 presentation doc link here =
  • Vice principal updating on SEL (2 avoid misspelling will add names later, they shd be recognized but I can't type that fast!) #schcom0112  (Added to this as promised: Principal: Brad Hendrixson; Donna Krikorian, Assistant Principal)
  • #schcom0112 how to greet by name and express feelings/emotions with a mask. (Catching up on slides, Principal in this batch) finding ways to partner students with remote and in person fostering learning
  • Sue Egan, REACH program at Oak (note Mrs Sherlock has subbed pre-COVID in this program) #schcom0112 appreciative if 10 days prep to put program together in COVID protocol to help the students, they came 4 days a week (only ones in building at that time)
  • Jenna Perro, first grade teacher, tells of take home bags put together on Weds (during prep time) for students to take home #schcom0112
  • Katherine Nayler, 4th grade teacher, speaks also of the value of the planning time on Weds as critical to what happens elsewhere in the instruction #schcom0112 developing a growth mindset, relationship building, in person and across cohorts
  • Google meet open during day so students remote can reach teacher, teachers are juggling between in person and remote. #schcom0112 one math game went well, so we'll students asked to play it again. Closing meeting includes a shout out from students, "they check on us a lot"
Discussion/action items
  • Moving to discussion action items, IF FHS needed to go remote, prepared action for vote if it were to occur, such that sports would not be interrupted by a delay in #schcom0112 vote
  • This vote would actually be allowing to suspend sports if necessary. Could move in or out of model based upon prior vote. #schcom0112 Q what is the metric to make this decision? Metrics available to go other way, but since we are red now, how red do we need to be?
  • Most cases are in family transmission, if found to be within school environment, that would be a criteria. #schcom0112 would be a pretty extreme circumstance for FHS. More risk now with rising #s, sports competition indoors (basketball, hockey, etc.) and higher risk
  • Rather have it and not needed, than not have it and need it. #schcom0112 motion to approve plan as discussed, seconded, via roll call passes 5-2. Motion on SOA plan as discussed, seconded, passes 7-0 via roll call
  • Next up, personnel update #schcom0112 hiring issues as not a big available pool of candidates HR Director Lisa Traynor provides updates # of retirement increasing as it goes, hard to tell if normal or COVID specific
  • If anyone looking for nursing position, there are openings and can be filled right away. #schcom0112 K-1 survey summary presentation we all have a common goal, caution not to put parties against each other
K-1 survey summary
  • While dissatisfaction expressed with hybrid, there was recognition of great work being done by teachers. #schcom0112 detailed overview of survey results, work with other staff to get their feedback req'd, would also require negotiations with union. A dilemma ...
  • With in person returning eventually, and the work needed to be done on that, I read between the lines not doing more on this K-1 scenario. Priority maybe getting ready for return in person with vaccine. #schcom0112 Q what more info needed? Process needs to be followed
  • Distancing vs disruption is the challenge, discussion continues to be worked towards. #schcom0112 "I was hoping the results would be more clear but they are not" Issues with current hybrid can't be fully solved as is, never mind 'worsening' it with new scenarios
  • Newsletter out today to help provide support for parents to help teachers on literacy, i.e independent reading practice. Also on math work and SEL single biggest request was for planning time, grade level development planned to share resources across the schools #schcom0112
  • Responding to the planning time request is not going to be one and done, needs to be on going. #schcom0112 DESE just issued a webinar series for K-3 teachers. Have been cleared on learning time currently, i.e. meeting required hours.
  • #schcom0112 Q are we going to see a clear plan on how to move forward? There will be work done, plans to come forward, pool testing, vaccine distribution expected, there is a lot going on. There is inequity in the buildings and inequity in service delivery in some scenarios
  • rising case counts create added pressure, an increase in VLA would require additional hiring (which is already a problem) #schcom0112 suggestion, could use the data points collected this far to bring in those students 'behind' to benefit a 4 day in person?
Reopening status
  • Moving to reopening status #schcom0112 additional staff in quarantine due to either student cases or family members. 41 of the 128 had been in buildings in prior 7 days DESE #s will differ
  • MCAS testing changes this spring, staffing concerns covered earlier, FHS complex nearing completion on AC upgrade/purifiers, vaccine process starts for first responders on the 13th and 20th at the high school gym. #schcom0112 opening for public comment limited for 3 mins
Public comments
  • Donna Grady, K teacher and president of teachers union. I understand the frustration around not getting an answer. We are forgetting we are in the middle of a pandemic, even in school it is not normal, #s are down now because of hybrid. When they go, they will spread #schcom0112
  • "Educators do not do this to be first responders" #schcom0112 what is the overall goal? Bring back K-1, bring back all? Let's decide so it helps our discussion. Not clear on what info we need, what is it that is good for Franklin? Parmenter closed Monday, and now 4 rest of week
  • "we can't help our high needs students" #schcom0112 "we are doing our best" students are making progress, same as normal time, probably not. "Logistically it is a nightmare" "while I appreciate the rosy picture of Oak St, the at home experience is not so rosy"
  • "If we need to find additional planning time, don't take it from synchronous teaching time" #schcom0112 "a silver lining is that the school Committee meeting is virtual so I can participate" please continue. "Don't give up on finding a solution"
  • #schcom0112 "not comfortable about the shorter distances" multigenerational families "would rather have all stay alive and stay healthy" so we can be together again "there is a way to do this without being in 5 days a week"
  • #schcom0112 speak to the real effect on the staff. DESE as of Jan 6, 35/100k. 253/75k. A factor of ten more teachers with COVID per DESE #s in comparison to Franklin #s, " the numbers support their concerns" Budget Subcommittee 1/14, Community relations met last week
Information updates/closing
  • Legislative forum scheduled for March 2, will be virtual. Policy meeting next on 1/21. DT Subcommittee meeting 1/14 #schcom0112 why review of the agenda before the meeting? To review or change the order or take something off
  • New business, update on FHS, homework update, vote on next school year calendar. Consent agenda #schcom0112 motion, seconded, passes 6-0 (1 left early)
  • Motion to enter executive session, not to return to public meeting seconded, passes 6-0 via roll call. #schcom0112 That's all for tonight, catch you next time! 


School Committee - Jan 12, 2021 - Meeting Recap
School Committee - Jan 12, 2021 - Meeting Recap

Saturday, November 21, 2020

@OakStElementary shares news on a $5K award from Staples for @mrs_perro

"Congratulations to Mrs. Perro! Thanks to our parent community she was a WINNER in the @StaplesStores #ThankATeacher campaign, and Oak Street was awarded $5,000 worth of Staples supplies.  
Thank Staples Thank you @AngelaKinsey and HUGE Thank you to @mrs_perro!"
@OakStElementary shares news on a $5K award from Staples for @mrs_perro
@OakStElementary shares news on a $5K award from Staples for @mrs_perro

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Franklin (MA) Police: Stranger Encounter on Oak Street

On June 14, 2019 the Franklin Police were alerted to suspicious activity involving a juvenile student of the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter School. The juvenile reported that while walking on Oak Street, a male party in a vehicle approached her and motioned for her to come to the vehicle.

Thankfully in this incident a neighbor recognized the situation, and called the juvenile over to her. The child was not harmed in any way.

Over the last few weeks there have been reports in Franklin, and area communities of similar type occurrences. At this time we cannot say with any degree of certainty that these incidents are related other than they all involve school age children. Descriptions of suspects and vehicles are not consistent.

The Franklin Police are actively investigating these incidents. We encourage all parents to talk to their children about what to do if approached by strangers, and to practice safe strategies such as always having a friend with them, or moving with groups of people who they know.

At this time we are not issuing any alert for a specific vehicle or suspect. This message is just to alert the community of these incidents, and to remind parents and children to have a plan about what to do in the event they are approached by a stranger.

This was shared from the Town of Franklin page

Franklin Police - 911 Panther Way, Franklin
Franklin Police - 911 Panther Way, Franklin

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Franklin Public Schools will open on time - Feb 13

Wednesday February 13, 2019

We want to make the community aware that there is a snapped pole on Oak Street that is impacting traffic in both directions in front of FHS and ECDC/Oak/HMMS. Franklin Police Department officers are on detail and will be assisting with traffic.

Franklin Public Schools will still open on time. We will be lenient with tardies this morning if this impacts arrival for your child or children. We also encourage drivers to use Panther Way as an alternative route.


The Franklin Public Schools

Franklin Public Schools will open on time - Feb 13
Franklin Public Schools will open on time - Feb 13

Sunday, October 28, 2018

You can help too! Help Jose Knock out Cancer

Via Twitter we find: 
“No one fights alone!” Our fifth grade community came together to support a classmate! 🧡🧡🧡

“No one fights alone!” Our fifth grade community came together to support a classmate!
“No one fights alone!” Our fifth grade community came together to support a classmate!
Contribute online via GoFundMe

The tweet showing the Farmer Market booth fund raising event

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

"It was about the power of the positive”

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:
"Yellow buses packed with smiling youngsters pulled up at Davis Thayer Elementary School first thing Tuesday morning. 
Principal Kathleen Gerber said she was happy to see the children back, hearing them greet their old teachers with excited hellos on their way to meet their new instructors. 
“It’s always great to see new faces and welcome new students as well,” she said. “There are lots of smiles, and just the energy of that first day.” 
Superintendent Sara Ahern said the first day was a success in the district."
Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)
screen grab of presentation on Monday captured and shared by Oak St via Twitter

Monday, March 19, 2018

Oak St Elementary - March fund raising - Mar 20

It's so much more than pizza. With a huge selection of salads, pastas, subs, and burgers, there is something for everyone. 

Oak Street Elementary School will earn 20% of the sales made by our families and friends for the entire day!

You must submit a flyer with your order.


WHEN: Tuesday, March 20th
TIME: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
WHERE: 150 Emmons Street (in the plaza)
PHONE: 508-528-0050

Oak St Elementary - March fund raising - Mar 20
Oak St Elementary - March fund raising - Mar 20

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Franklin Residents: Water main break on Oak Street

Franklin Residents: Water main break on Oak Street

Water main break on Oak Street Ext (off of Pond Street)! Water service should be restored within a few hours and discolored water may persist throughout the area tonight and tomorrow. Thank you for your patience while we make the repair!

This is an automatic message from Town of Franklin MA.

Friday, December 22, 2017

"There are two children that stole our hearts and we will not let Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy steal them"

"Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most common fatal genetic disorder diagnosed in childhood, affecting approximately 1 in every 3,500 live male births (about 20,000 new cases each year).” Although there are medical treatments that may help slow its progression, there is currently no cure for Duchenne. 
We began this journey with DMD in July 2013 when our 7-year-old son, Caeden, went to Children's hospital for a neurological evaluation and blood tests were conducted. We received a call several days later that his CPK levels were extremely elevated which indicates a muscle disorder. We then went to the Neuromuscular Disease Center at Childrens Hospital the following week where another assessment stated he was showing signs for Duchenne, Becker, or Limb girdle muscular dystrophy. 
We were shocked to say the least and researched all the disorders and hoped for none but if it had to be one not Duchenne. Caeden had genetic testing done to determine the form of muscular dystrophy and told we would get the results in about a month. We received the call about a month later which diagnosed Caeden with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD). We were beyond devastated and a lot of tears were shed and so much uncertainty. 
Several weeks later we were told that Devin would need to be tested as well since it is a genetic disorder and it mainly effects boys. 
Devin had his testing and another blow Devin was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy as well. We were not even able to process the diagnosis for Caeden and now we had to digest the same diagnosis for Devin. So many emotions especially since our only two children have been diagnosed with such a devastating disease. 
So where we stand right now is we live day to day and we love them. The boys have good days and bad days and we know due to the diagnosis there are a lot more bad days in the future. We had moved to a new home in July before all this happened and now we have a home with stairs to get in the house and for the boys to get to their bedrooms and that is not functional. The boys have a very hard time ascending and descending stairs. We need to add an addition so the boys bedrooms and bathroom are on one level and we have a lift to get them in our home from outside. The cost for this addition is $200,000. 
On top of all the boys medical expenses this is very hard for us to accomplish. We had to purchase a used minivan as it is a little easier for the boys to get in and out of however at some point in the future we will need a fully accessible van and they are very costly. We know there are many other things we will have to consider or think about in the future.

Right now HOPE is all we have. Hope that all these biotechnology companies and medical researchers will come up with a treatment that works to save our sweet boys and all the boys with DMD."

"There are two children that stole our hearts and we will not let Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy steal them"

Please consider making a donation to help:

C & D UNITED For: Caeden and Devin Parisi

C & D UNITED- For: Caeden and Devin Parisi

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Take a walk in the "Meadowlands" - October 28

Saturday, October 28, at 10:30 AM, Alan Earls will be leading a walk through the fields and wetlands along Mine Brook in Franklin to assess potential public access points and existing trails on behalf of the Charles River Meadowlands Initiative.

We will meet at the end of Oak Street Extension (please park carefully so as not to impact neighbors) and depart, rain or shine, heading roughly south toward the former town sewage treatment facilities (now being redeveloped).

Depending on conditions we will either retrace our route or exit via White Ave., returning to our cars on foot. This is an opportunity to see this hidden open space gem and to contribute to efforts with town and federal authorities to improve access. Plan on a duration of approximately two hours.


image shared from the Charles River Meadowlands webpage
image shared from the Charles River Meadowlands webpage

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Oak St Teacher Dance Party (video)

The Oak Street Elementary School teachers know how to provide a good example in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now there is evidence that they also can add rhythm to list of r's. 

While Franklin Matters has been off the grid (yes, off the internet completely) for the past several days, we hope you have enjoyed the scheduled posts. Regular news will begin to be caught up with today and 'new' posts will be shared on Thursday, July 6.

flower peek-a-boo
flower peek-a-boo

Sunday, April 2, 2017

“I think Franklin’s really ahead of the curve”

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin:

"The town’s schools will be partnering with William James College to further their “social-emotional” learning efforts. 
Assistant Superintendent Peter Light said the partnership - which will offer graduate-level instruction to the Oak Street Elementary School’s faculty and administration through a pilot program - will take place over the course of the 2017-2018 school year. 
In recent years, the local district has adopted social-emotional learning practices, which take a “whole-child” approach to education. 
“What we see more and more is that we have to have high-quality, standards-based instruction, but equally important is the kids’ readiness to receive that instruction,” Light said.'

Continue reading the article online (subscription may be required)

Oak Street Elementary School to take part in pilot program for social emotional learning
Oak Street Elementary School to take part in pilot program for social emotional learning

Saturday, January 28, 2017

"That’s impressive for humans who can’t yet tie their own shoes and still need to be reminded to share"

"I was only in the classroom for 45 minutes, but that was long enough to compel me to write a letter to the teacher once I left. 
I’ll be honest, I have zero qualifications as it relates to child education. My only qualification and reason for being in a kindergarten class that day is my oldest child is a kindergartner. He attends a public school and I was in his classroom as a parent volunteer. 
His teacher had asked parents to sign up to help during the daily Literacy Center portion of the morning. I was excited to go in, see my son in his classroom, and meet his classmates. When I arrived, the class was sitting on the floor, singing, and drawing the alphabet in the air with their fingers. Mrs. G gave me a quick rundown on how I was to help. She introduced me to the class and then quietly asked the children to go to their first center."

Continue reading the article about 45 minutes in a kindergarten classroom

While this article is published in the Washington Post, the writer could have been a mother visiting a Franklin kindergarten classroom. I recognize the concepts of the centers in the classroom. Having visited a kindergarten (although not yet this year), I also recognize the sentiments expressed by the writer/mother.  

By way of disclosure, my wife (Mrs Sherlock) is one of the three kindergarten teachers at Oak St Elementary. You can see some of what they do in the classroom when they share via their new Twitter account @OakStKinders

kindergarten writers working on their pattern books
kindergarten writers working on their pattern books

Thursday, June 16, 2016

School Committee recognizes retirees, agrees to MOU on new contract

The School Committee spent the first several minutes of their meeting recognizing several personnel (teachers, van drivers, and administrators) that are retiring this year.

Oak St School provided an update followed by the Keller School.  

Then the School Committee went into Executive Session to discuss the labor agreement with the Franklin Education Association (teacher's union) returning to open meeting and the action items. The last action item was passed without revealing any details of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or any discussion. Apparently, more will be discussed when the actual contract is formally signed in a future meeting.

j. I recommend ratification of the proposed MOU for a contract between the FEA and the Franklin School Committee.motion to accept, seconded, passed 7-0
Keller 2nd grade students ready to model their morning meeting for the School Committee
Keller 2nd grade students ready to model their morning meeting for the School Committee

For the detail notes taken during the meeting: (photos were added to the individual sections):

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Live reporting: Oak St Update

The Oak St Update presented by Principal Kate Peretz and Assistant Principal Kathleen Gerber

photo from the monitor in the Council Chambers
photo from the monitor in the Council Chambers

Collecting acorns helps to reinforce the community at Oak St

decision making collaborative approach to running the school by determining the schedule, etc.

event 'EdCamp like' being planned for the parents/guardians at the Curriculum night next fall

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oak Street Elementary School: Walking Wednesday - May 4

Tomorrow, May 4th is our first Walking Wednesday of the spring. It's also MA Walk/Bike to School Day. 
Keep your fingers crossed that the weather cooperates with us since we hope to have lots of students walk to school. 
It's a great way to start the day with family and friends!

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Oak St School
Oak St School

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Live reporting: Oak St Update

b. Oak Street Elementary School Update 
– Corine Minkle,Kathleen Gerber

a brief snapshot of the year in review
trying to tie it all together in pictures

lots of slides depicting various scenes in school day
small group learning
anchor charts
art integrated with other academics
math workshop
K students with a whiteboard
math games and exploration
brain gym training in between academics
stations to warm up for gym
every classroom uses technology
standards based
common planning time for grade levels
families came to to participate in math morning
'fancy day' for 3-4-5th grade concert
about 90% dressed in fancy black/white
Halloween candy collected for troops
4-500 pounds of candy just from Oak St
Spaulding Center does a disability awareness for 5th grade
'read across america' outside readers
partnered with the Y, BOKS program for 4-5th grade students
from Plimoth Plantation Jeffrey came in to talk about Indian life
Science day
'best buddies' partnered with FHS and Dean
EMC project on 'mini empty bowls', bowl purchase raised money for Franklin Food Pantry
morning wakeup for Channel 5

it is difficult to find out what is going on in school, based upon this, there is a lot going on at Oak St
the collaboration working in and connecting within the community, I give you an A+

I like with what I have seen is that the same techniques are used at the high school

Q - how is attendence?
It is well represented, when students are involved. With a parent only evening, it is more challenging
99% of faculity and students were in red/white/blue
standing room only

Jewell - If the parents can't come, invite the grandparents?
We do and many of those come, if their parent is not there, they are at least paired with someone

Jewell - are you comfortable with the level of questions for PARCC
The students like PARCC because they can use the computer
it is a learning curve for everyone as they were tailoring the questions
some were hard, some were easy and some were just right