Thursday, January 11, 2024

School Committee hears about Oak St, FHS Program of studies, approves Cheerleader trip to Nationals, and Capital Budget request (audio)

FM #1134 = This is the Franklin Matters radio show, number 1134 in the series. 

This session of the radio show shares the Franklin (MA) School Committee meeting held on Jan 9, 2024. The meeting was held in the Council Chambers. 

Due to a Verizon internet outage at the Franklin TV Studio, the meeting was recorded for broadcast later and available via Zoom. Video link ->

Quick recap:

  • Internet out at TV studio, meeting via Zoom but not through to cable, it is being locally recorded for broadcast later, Audio recording also being made, Owl camera out to use for this meeting and Zoom session

  • Skipped ahead to Superintendent report, will come back to the FHS student update assuming they connect successfully

    • Facility planning underway, subcmte met last week. 3 piece process: (1) demographics, (2) educational adequacy and how to support it, (3) age and use of the space in the schools; More info coming as the presentation is scheduled for completion later this school year

    • Workshop on executive function, 90 mins for adults only, sign up through Lifelong Learning (link to be shared later)

    • Regards to the weather, please communicate also through the reverse 911 process

    • Dr Dutch provided an update on the state funding for the newly arrived students, submitted not received yet. Student update on activity at the high school

  • Oak St administration team to provide an update on the school activities this year so far 

    • Good question on languages and how the new folks, especially the younger ones, are catching on? 'Wheels on the bus' sung in multiple languages is a thing to hear! language is building every day in K and 1

    • Question to expand on trauma informed practices, some kids are having tough times, how do you handle them? Lesley Univ presenting a course on this topic for a grad level course being set up for this. 27 staff members at Oak will be taking this course

    • Interview by students focused on 3, 4, and 5th grade students. Adapted also for the lower levels. Coming up later this year!

  • Next up, program of studies at FHS, Mr Hanna and H McVey

    • Personal finance and community service coming back for FHS graduation requirements for future classes

    • Students will receive a copy of the courses available to them, as opposed to prior years advised to review the listing (turns out many didn't)

    • Timeline reviewed for information process & enrollment

    • Panther Pride night Feb 12, a good one for the incoming 9th graders (currently 8th graders)

  • Recurring FHS Varsity Cheerleading National Competition, approved by 7-0 vote

  • Capital Budget Proposal - I recommend approval of the Capital Budget Proposal as discussed. Motion to approve, second, passes 7-0; Budget subcmte had met earlier and approved this request

The meeting runs about 1 hour and 55 minutes so let’s listen to the School Committee meeting held on Jan 9, 2024. Audio link - >


School Committee page => 

Meeting Agenda doc  -> 

Meeting packet folder ->  

Oak St highlights -> 

FHS program of studies -> 

My notes in one PDF file -> 


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School Committee hears about Oak St, FHS Program of studies, approves Cheerleader trip to Nationals, and Capital Budget request (audio)
FHS student providing update on FHS activities during School Cmte meeting via Zoom session

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