Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Live reporting - Facility Update

2. Guests/Presentations

d. Facilities Update – Maureen Sabolinski
we got our building permit on Aug 20th, paving of the new parking lot is progressing
maybe able to resolve our parking issue in about 2-3 weeks
still working on the security system
just not at times working together, police answering calls at all hours of the day
still working on training, the training was built into the cost of the high school
much of this needs to happen during the day so we are relying on subs

signs are not quite right
Braille for example incorrectly told that the men's room was actually the women's room
flags for the gym haven't arrived yet
bell system doesn't work yet, using music to playing of the changing of classes
A/C is working in all areas of the building
the building committee has been very responsive in getting the issues addressed

once the parking lot is done, that will also open Panther Way and alleviate the traffic on Oak St

fields would be seeded for the spring and then used a year later
need to get the field established

problems with one spots and parking lights, should go away when the new parking lot is open

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