Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Live reporting - Technology update

2. Guests/Presentations

c. Tech Update / Plan – Tim Rapoza, Joyce Edwards

1700 Chromebooks distributed over couple of days and nights

220 wireless access points, the telephones, all needed to be programmed and set up
today we had an all day training on the audio section
85-90% released and trained at this point, we're not done yet

you have seen the robot, we have 3-D printers

if you have any specific question, I'd be happy to answer them

Q -What are the outstanding issues?

A - large software deployments to the teachers are finishing up, doing the one-offs here and there
One software piece had the standard license instead of the premium

the robotics kits just arrived last week

new tablets are still not shipped from the factory yet, they are a proto-type for school and ruggardized for use; trying to get 2 demo units per science lab

once we get them, we'll be glad we waited

system wide we tweak the security on the public versus academic side

working with the vendor to configure it appropriately
we are close to getting it install the proper way
right now the Facilities Director doesn't have remote access to the devices in the high school


some low level usage to high level usage
seeing references instantaneously to advance and reinforce the learning

students can do peer editing across the room with one another

students creating content and adding to a body of knowledge out there
specialized programs being used
lots of math and graphing being used

part of the 1-1 initiative extends the learning to anytime anywhere

step back about 3.5 years ago

the conference geared to using technology in instruction
that core group of 100 folks has continued to contribute to the body of knowledge within the staff

25 came voluntarily to debrief

Digital Learning Community formed preschool through 12
how do we help each other, harness and channel it to help our students
the focus is on instruction 
how can we harness learning in real time?
take a look at the 'acceptable use policies' and see of changes may be required
how can families access the technology appropriately
stay within the boundaries that are safe, what should students know how to do by grade

this plays into electronic testing with PARCC coming

need to continue to support the teachers and their digital learning

keep them with the curve; build capacity within the district

sometimes the value is with failure

teachers are using all kinds of applications

how do we have equity and access?


the important is where we are going


another 200 access points for K-8
another 1000 Chromebooks to be deployed to get ready for PARCC
now we are prepared to go 1:1 in every school

re-deployed interactive whiteboards in K-8 classrooms

other technology being stored in trailers (at an undisclosed location) until the staff is ready for deployment

wireless vendor visits on technology

Panasonic and Dell have requested case studies of the implementation
defacto Chromebook roll-outs are increasing so there are more visits coming


applaud both of you for the commitment that it takes to deploy such to all
applaud the teachers - it is not just a new skill, it is a major re-tooling
it is a big todo, it not a new series of text books

we need a set of expectation for our students grade by grade, what should they know when

When do we have PowerPoint when the teacher can count on the students knowing it?


The committee does that have as a task
the State also has standards coming out so we are looking to see what they have in this area


do you have a calculation for determining the wireless hot spots


it is complicated and ha many factors including what the building is made of
we had started with other schools and practiced
you need to have coverage and capacity
we wanted 10,000 simultaneous connections
one access point per room and one every 50' of the corridor


Do you have a structured plan for rolling the devices out to the teachers
incorporating the training needs


using subs to backfill training spots 6-7 at a time
targeted professional development

teacher PDP piece in place for a long time now

have we hit saturation?no
do we need more time and money? yes
we also need to focus on preschool - 8


we have a specialist on staff now doing before and after hour sessions
she is now camping in the teacher rooms to be their source of info and move from teacher room to another
trying to build that tiered level of support within the staff to meet the needs


have we had any casualties?


yes, daily, there is a process with the insurance to cover this, return the units to the vendor to do repair, etc.
we have some buffer stations to use for swap outs
72 systems int he Library for check out like a book for the day (charge, etc.)
there is another inventory for the tech staff to handle the swaps
look in the system to see how many have books and to ensure none slip through the cracks


what percent are using Chromebooksvs. personal systems


95% using Chromebooks versus personal systems

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