Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"the important (thing) is where we are going"

The School Committee took time to recognize students on Tuesday night. Sophia Addi was recognized for being selected to the All National Concert Band. Several high school students were recognized for their contribution to get the technology deployed and ready at the new FHS building. The STAR team spent many days/hours during the summer and as school opened.

Supt Sabolinski, Sophia Addi, School Committee Chairperson Paula Mullen, Kevin O'Malley (left to right)

The technology update revealed that the 1700 chromebooks are up and running to provide a 1:1 educational experience for the students. The network was built to handle not just today's capacity but for the future.

Additional chromebooks were purchased for the K-8 grades. While the wireless points were expanded in all the schools, not all the chromebooks have been deployed yet. The smart boards re-redeployed from the old high school building were set up in K-8 clasrooms that did not previously have them.

Technology training is being provided to the teachers at the high school. The training was budgeted as part of the new building project. Training for all the teachers on technology continues to be a challenge.

A new Digital Literacy Group has been formed within the schools to work on helping define and update policy regarding the use of technology in education. This group will also continue to address the educational needs of the teachers in using the technology appropriately in the classroom.

The facility update acknowledged that the parking situation at the high school may be resolved in the next couple of weeks. Paving the newer sections of the parking lot is underway. Paving the extension of Panther Way to the high school will also relieve traffic issues on Oak St.

The security separating the 'public' sections of the new high school is still being worked on. The bell system to alert all on changing classes is not yet working. They are using music to do so now. The music is prompting a discussion on involving the students in the selection of music to be played.

Such engagement is a good thing. The meeting had opened with teacher union president Chandler Creedon raising some issues from the teachers around the handling of the incident at the high school. Established procedures were not followed and teachers were being asked to do things that they should not have. As the investigation into the email is still underway with police and FBI activity, the full debrief is not yet scheduled but being planned for.

The complete set of notes taken during the School Committee meeting Tuesday can be found here

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