Friday, November 28, 2014

Franklin Art Association: December Newsletter

The Franklin Art Association has published their newsletter for December.

President Sue Sheridan writes:

Dear Members and Friends, 
What a wonderful show at Tri-County!! I have to say..... WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING!!! I looked around the school at about 7 PM Friday night, and saw the show practically all set up. That’s only 3 hours friends! Everyone working together to pull off yet another fabulous FAA event. A big thank you to everyone involved. I am so proud of the spirit of volunteerism in our group! 
The show was well attended, with a steady stream of visitors both Saturday and Sunday. Preliminary numbers are in, and they look very good. We raised $1,460 for the scholarship fund, which includes $315 from the sale of photos and other donated items from Dick Cook. So we have the 2015 scholarship covered, and almost half of the 2016 scholarship as well. We had almost $2,500 in sales of artworks, small works and bin items. The expenses have not been tallied up yet. We’ll have the complete figures to share with you at the January meeting. 
As I write this, with Thanksgiving a few days away, I pause to be mindful of all the gifts that life has given me. May you all have a wondrous holiday season, sharing all the moments with family and friends that make life worth living. And if you’re really good, maybe you just might get some nifty art supplies in your stocking this year! 
Hope to see you at the Holiday Party!

Warm regards,
Sue Sheridan President

Franklin Art Association
Franklin Art Association

For more information you can visit their webpage here

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