Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Live reporting: Franklin TV

Back Bay Restaurant Group TR, LLC dba Joe’s American Bar and Grill – Change of Manager
motion to approve, seconded, passed 5-0

- Cable TV

Ken Norman, Peter Fasciano

You can find out more about Franklin TV on their webpage

old studio at Depot Plaza was 600 sq ft
the new studio located at 23 Hutchinson St is

added a second ADA ramp to make it more accessible

community room available to other non-profits

kitchen built into the facility is designed for TV so it can broadcast a cooking show for example

small studio and larger studio available

everything produced is now high-definition

fiber connections between the municipal building and Hutchinson St

donated $164,000 to equip the new studio at the High School

operating about $23K per month

2011 did 197 locally produced programs, \last year (2013) there were 423 programs

Franklin TV provides all the resources for technical and production
compared to regular public access charters

everyone has a right to high quality programming

40-50% of the day is devoted to community bulletin board messages

looking to upgrade the Council Chamber to HDTV as well as upgrade the streaming service

construct a new FM radio station (obtained a low band license last year)

WFPR.FM 102.9
coverage in Franklin and A grade coverage for 10 miles around

a public service video is in development to tout Franklin's highlights
negotiate the renewal with Verizon

if they site the tower during the summer, could be online by the Fall 2015

we have an obligation to provide a minimum of 8 hours of local program daily, while broadcasting 24 hours we should exceed the minimum

if cable subscribers leave Comcast or Verizon, it is a concern for out future funding

thanks to you for all you have done to help with the High School

the larger studio is two story, events can be staged that couldn't be done in the 'normal' studios
allows to work in multiple studios

looking forward to working on the kitchen to develop cooking programs

Mass General Hospital has a legacy grant to produce a series, so looking at other sources of revenue that could be using the studio and equipment

the radio station could be a good source of info during future emergency situations

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