Friday, December 19, 2014

"What is the rush?"

Wednesday was a busy reporting night with back to back meetings. The Economic Development Committee (EDC) met at 5:30 followed by the Town Council at 7:00 PM. As mentioned, I lost some time moving from one room to another for the EDC meeting. I did record both meetings. Hopefully, the recording of the EDC meeting will be good enough to share. In the meantime, my notes captured the discussion as completely as I could. This was corroborated by Matt Tota's reporting for the Milford Daily news.

EDC meeting

The discussion on the Pond St property resulted in a decision to propose zoning changes to the parcel and then after the zoning changes are approved (assuming they are), to re-issue the RFP. It is anticipated that the more broad opportunity will spurn some response.

On Emmons St, the one reply to the RFP was decided to be brought before the Town Council for discussion. The key question is whether to accept the proposal by Roger Calarese or not, and whether in the acceptance, the decision would limit the 'drive-in' capability or not.

Both discussions are scheduled for the Jan 7th Town Council meeting. The first public hearing on the proposed zoning bylaw change will be at the Planning Board meeting on Monday, Jan 5th. The Council had moved on the action which was already on its meeting agenda for Weds.

It is likely that the discussions on both properties will revisit what has already been said. What if anything will change the apparent direction of the Council to move on these properties remains to be seen.

The full set of notes from the EDC meeting are linked to below.

Town Council meeting

Aside from the discussion on the properties as noted from the EDC meeting, the Council had a quick and interesting meeting.

Recognition of Del Arnold and Marlene Oliver for their work on the Historical Commission.

The annual re-issuing of the liquor licenses. Some were held back for payment of outstanding invoices (property taxes, etc.).

A presentation by Habitat for Humanity which is expanding its mission. It had only built homes, now it is offering home repair services to qualified parties. There are still income and 'sweat equity' requirements but this is a worthy expansion of their mission. Some tri-fold brochures were given to the Councilors, additional brochures will be obtained to share from the Senior Center, Public Library, Food Pantry and other locations in town.

One of the more significant actions was the formal creation of the Library Building Committee. Once created by resolution, there were 10 people appointed to the committee. Representing a cross section of Franklin (Town Councilors, Library personnel and Board of Directors, Friends of the Library, and citizens) the group will begin work planning the details for the expansion. 

Information on the proposed expansion can be found here

and here

Franklin Public Library, 118 Main St
Franklin Public Library, 118 Main St

The full set of my notes recorded live during the meeting can be found here:

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