Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CPR came in very useful

I am humbled by this email received on Sunday:

Hi Steve, 
I wanted to share something with you that occurred this morning. 
The Franklin Matters web site advertised discount CPR last year. I signed my musician husband up as we have 3 young children. 
Well, this morning at his morning basketball game it came in extremely useful. A gentleman suffered a heart attack and my husband was able to perform compressions while someone got the AED, another called 911, while others helped with respirations, etc. 
As a group, they likely saved his life (very hopefully). He had a stent placed within an hour of the event. 
I just wanted to share with you. Though we had discussed him getting CPR training, we never signed up until your site simplified it for us. 
Here's to counting our blessings! 
Best, Jen and Hans Morrison

Act 1sr CPR - office sign on East Central St (next to Hess Oil)
Act 1sr CPR - office singn on East Central St (next to Hess Oil)

Act 1st CPR was last shared here in Nov 2014. Training is still available

Note: The Act 1st webpage is re-directing to their new training service registration system and should revert back to normal sometime soon.

Updated: via Nick Spencer, Act 1st is changing to National Medical Academy (NMA) but there should be a transition page before dropping to the NMA webpage.

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