Saturday, April 11, 2015

Public Notice: Hydrant Flushing Program

The Franklin Department of Public Works, Water Division will begin its hydrant flushing program on Saturday, April 11, 2015. This program is conducted annually to improve Franklin’s water quality and fire flows. 
Some hydrants will be flushed in the evening hours, while others will be completed during the day. Hydrant flushing will continue depending on water availability and system pressures. 
Residents may experience temporary water loss or discolored water while hydrants are being flushed in their area. Even though the water may be discolored, it is still safe for human consumption. 
The streets that we will be working on each day will be listed on the DPW website ( 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the DPW office at 508-553-5500. 

Department of Public Works 
Laurie Ruszala 
Water/Sewer Superintendent

DPW Headquarters - Fisher St
DPW Headquarters - Fisher St

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Flushing Areas Week of 4/11/15:
A Street
Acorn Place
Alisha Drive
Alpine Place
Alpine Row
Anna Road
Arlington Street
Bacon Street
Barbara Circle
Beaver Street
Beth Road
Buena Vista Drive
Burning Tree Road
Camdon Way
Cardinal Drive
Carol Drive
Celinda Drive
Central Park Terrace
Charlotte Court
Chestnut Street
Chilmark Road
Church Street
Cleveland Avenue
Concetta Way
Concord Street
Corbin Road
Corbin Street
Cottage Street
Cottage Street Extension
Country Club Drive
Coutu Street
Crescent Street
Crestwood Drive
Crocker Avenue
Cross Street
Dale Street
Dean Avenue
Delta Court
Delta Drive
Depot Street
Dutchess Road
East Park Street
East Street
Emilio Drive
Emmons Street
Everett Street
Fales Street
Farrington Street
Fisher Street
Gallison Street
Garden Street
Geb Street
Glen Meadow Road
Griffin Road
Hayden Lane
Hayward Street
Henry Lane
Highland Street
Hill Avenue
Hillside Road
Horace Mann Circle
Howard Place
Howard Street
Hutchinson Street
Indian Lane
Ivy Lane
Jack's Way
James Street
Jordan Road
Josephine Street
JR's Lane
Juniper Road
Kerrie Circle
King Phillip Road
King Street
Kingswood Lane
Lawrence Drive
Ledge Street
Lewis Street
Lexington Street
Longfellow Drive
Longobardi Drive
Loretta Road
Lost Horse Trail
Main Street
Maria Circle
Mark's Way
Martha's Way
Martin Avenue
Marvin Avenue
Mary Jane Road
Master Drive
Mathew Drive
McCarthy Street
Meadow Lark Road
Metacomet Lane
Metcalf Street
Milliken Avenue
Mill Street
North Park Street
Northern Spy Road
Oak Street
Odyssey Lane
Orchard Street
Park Road
Parmenter Way
Pearl Street
Pearly Lane
Peck Street
Penny Lane
Queen Street
Ray Hill Road
Red Gate Lane
Ruggles Street
Russell Street
Russet Hill Road
Sandy Lane
Sarah Lane
Saxon Street
School Street
Shawkemo Path
Squibnocket Road
Stewart Street
Stubbe Street
Sugarbeet Road
Summer Street
Susan's Way
Taft Drive
Tam O Shanter Road
Teris Way
Thayer Street
Tyson Road
Uncas Avenue
Union Street
Venus Circle
Wachusett Street
Wamponoag Drive
Washington Street
West Central Street
West Park Street
West Street
Willow Street
Wilson Road
Winter Street
Worsted Street
Zachary Lane

You can check the DPW page here for updates

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