Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Live reporting: Finance Commmittee - Apr 7, 2015

Present: Deswnap, Bertone, Conley, Fleming, Heumpher, Dowd,
Absent:  Smith, Dufour, Aparo

Nutting, Gagner, Dacey, Cantoreggi, Semerjian, Jette

Draft capital plan for review tonight
left about $100,000 on table just in case something comes up before the end of the year

old municipal building up for sale, Recreation Dept to be displaced and needs a new home

discussion on proposal to purchase building at 275 Beaver St
use of the funds from Emmons St to be used for purchase of the facility

can briefly offer more programs, slight fee increase in fees
to provide revenue for renovation and continue operaitng

5 -7,000 sq ft, not many buildings this size to fit the need.
it has office space already built out, has capabiity to build out interior space for other rooms, training, art, etc. Meeting rooms space is available and could also be rented out to generate more revenue

parking for 25-30 spaces available, should cover most of the need for parking, most of the programs that would be run that are drop offs.

rental fees for use of school gymnasiums, can be avoided by use of the new facility

a newer more modern building, easier to maintain

most large storage is kept in containers on or near the fields where they are used

front building, to renovate specific space, currently wide open and would be built out to meet needs
back building

planning to use Parmenter school during the summer time to provide space during the gap betweent he sale of the old and purchase/renovation of the new

still need to do 21E, pass papers in June, have the Council approve

State did release money for paving, road repairs

can cover the $500,000 from various accounts of 'cash'; for example, $100,000 from the sale of the land being used for Starbucks. The other $500,000 would be from the sale of Emmons St

by 2026 our debt is dropping

motion to recommend to purchase and renovated the building on Beaver St
seconded, passed 6-0

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