Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Community Garden: Official Opening & Plant Sale - May 23rd & 24th

Hello Gardeners!

The 2015 growing season is well under way, and many of the plots in the garden are already taking shape so great work! Even if you're a little behind there is plenty of time to catch up, and if you need a little help...

Event: King St. Memorial Garden Official Opening & Plant Sale - Saturday/Sunday May 23rd & 24th - 9AM to Noon 

We will be celebrating the official opening of the gardening season on May 23rd and 24th in the community garden from 9am to Noon. We will have organic seedlings available for sale, and will have committee members on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you have any specific requests let us know and we'll see if we can get them there. Please join us!

Open Plots

We still have a few open plots, so if you know anyone that is interested please direct them to the recreation department. They can sign-up, pay, and be assigned a bed immediately.

Shed Keys

Over the years we've lost a large number of shed keys to gardeners who have left and not returned them.  One of the solutions we're considering is switching the lock to a combination lock, as this would be far less expensive them duplicating additional keys and easier to distribute changes to.  If you have any concerns please let us know, if we do make the switch I will be e-mailing out the combination to all current gardeners.

Where and When for Pests & Diseases

This winter was longer and stronger than anything I've experienced in New England and it has also shifted the arrival times of some of the pests I would have expected to see already. If you spot anything in the garden please let me know so I can inform you of organic ways to deal with the pests.


One of the advantages of the deep raised beds in the community garden is they help reduce the number of times a week you need to water your bed. Once your plants are established a single deep watering each week with about an inch of water should keep your bed in great shape. At the beginning, however, and especially when the weather is very hot young seedlings need to be looked after daily until their roots establish. If you have any specific watering questions let us know!

With the weather as hot and dry as it has been make sure when you water that it is saturating the layers underneath the first half inch. It is very easy this time of year to just wet the surface and then have most of it evaporate before penetrating to the layers below.

What's Landed in the Garden?

Toddler for Scale
Toddler for Scale

With the help of the Franklin Charter School and gardeners we've kept the weeds in the garden under control for the most part, but we do still have a few trouble areas. I have some Solar Cones that I've used to warm up the soil in my own garden, but what I've found they're really great at is solarizing a section of the garden that I want to kill all the weeds in. I'm going to be placing the cones in some of the trouble spots and moving them around to hopefully clear them of weeds. As a fun experiment stick your hand down the top of one on a hot day just to see how much they concentrate heat! I'll be setting these up during the Opening this coming weekend.

As always if you have any questions let us know!


Chris Clay & The Franklin Community Garden Committee


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