Saturday, May 23, 2015

Door to door solicitation notice

If you heard the Councilor Comments section of the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, you heard discussion about some solicitations being done after 8:00 PM. Franklin has posted this notice as a reminder on the policy for solicitations.

With the coming of better weather, the Police Department is beginning to receive applications for door to door solicitation. 
The Town Code (Chapter 128) allows permitted solicitors to solicit door to door from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. They cannot enter or remain on private property that is posted no soliciting or if they are told to leave the property by person in charge of property. 
Never open your door to strangers. Ask for proper identification; they must carry and present identification when asked. If in doubt, please call the Franklin Police Department, 1-508-528-1212, and the police will send an officer to check on the subjects’ credentials. If you feel threatened in anyway, call 911. 
Persons engaged solely in political or religious advocacy or discussion (not soliciting funds) are not subject to the Town Code, however residents have a legal right to refuse such overtures and to request that the solicitor leave. As above if you feel threatened in any way, please call 911. You can also preempt solicitation of these groups by posting a “no solicitation” notice on your property.
Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

For the details on the Town Code (Chapter 128) this link should take you directly there,soliciting#10433859

This was shared from the official Town of Franklin webpage

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