Thursday, May 21, 2015

time to “get up to speed”

With the current town clerk not seeking re-election this November, town officials will likely reduce the salary for the position by about $10,000. 
Longtime town clerk Deborah Pellegri announced early last month that she would not be taking nomination papers for the biennial town election. 
Last year, Pellegri received about a $10,000 raise, bringing her salary to more than $80,000. Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said at the time that Pellegri’s pay was roughly 13 percent less than the state average.
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For other items of note in the FY 2016 budget you can refer to the reporting on the budget hearings here

Since taking office in 2010, Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey each year has noted a rise in deaths resulting from overdoses of heroin and other opioids. 
Two years ago there were 63 deaths, he said; in 2014, there were 94. And before he left his Canton office Wednesday, the count for this year stood, already, at 58, including one during the day. 
“It’s the single largest problem I have as a district attorney,” Morrissey said, referring to the state’s opioid epidemic. “It’s the largest killer of young people.”
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