Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Live reporting: Franklin TV

» Cable TV

Ken Norman, Dr Ann Bergen, Peter Fasciano, Executive Director

Dr Bergen
talking about the scope of the drug issue here in Franklin
has gathered multiple resources to put together a show

Jeff Nutting
talked of the video being put together by Cable TV to advertise the Town

5 short videos, 90 - 2 mins each

(hopefully will be able to share the videos sometime sooner than later)

Vallee - why don't you consider hiring a part-time reporter to cover the news

Norman - we have tried but not given up on, we have things we want to get done. We have three channels and we want you to watch them. The school channel covers all the schools. The Community channel provides Ann's program. The government channel broadcasts the town meetings

We have made investment into the studio, now we are investing in the equipment to operate the studio. It will take several years to get what we want done.

Kelly - I think the videos really hit home on what we wanted. The big thing is to get the word on the street to get folks to watch them. Maybe use the sign in the center of town to help spread the word. Light years from where we were several years ago.

Bissanti - if someone would like to see those videos, how do they do that?

Norman - those are meant to market the town

Nutting - hook up with a trade show next month to put them on a CD and hand out. They are separate so they can cover multiple points

Norman - we have been awarded a 100-watt license to run a radio station. We have not yet done construction on the antenna, hopefully will be up in about 18 months. It will be used to broadcast these meetings and other original radio shows.

Frasciano - there are changes coming with the FCC that may allow us to get to a 250 watt broadcast. We do have plans over time to get to a radio broadcast. One of my highest priorities to get our programs listed on the TV guide. We are willing to do what we need to do so it won't just say "local access". There is no reason why a local broadcaster can't comply if we provide the details. My hopes are high.

Norman - we have had preliminary talks with the Milford Radio station. We are a non-profit and they are a commercial operation. There are some technical issues to work through but we are continuing the discussion. They are active with the Senior Center program.

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