Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's happening with the South Franklin Congregational Meeting House?

The South Franklin Meeting House has been sitting unused since the Historical Museum left it in 2007. What to do with the building has been an on-again, off-again conversation and Franklin has just published a report by an architect outlining some of the more practical options.

Did you know
South Franklin Congregational Meeting House 
Constructed in 1861, the South Franklin Congregational Meeting House (SFCMH) also known as Union Evangelical Meeting House originally functioned as a Congregationalist church. The building is designed in the Greek revival style with 4 Doric columns along the north fa├žade. The building is rectangular in footprint and is approximately 2 stories tall with an attic and bell tower. 
Located within what is currently designated as the greater South Franklin Area, the church was originally intended to provide the Congregationalists of South Franklin a place to commune when inclement weather or the harvest season made worshiping at the main Congregationalist church in the center of Franklin difficult. When religious services were not in session, the building also served as a debate hall for the South Franklin area. 
In 1972, the Federated Church deeded the building to the Town of Franklin. The building housed the Franklin Historical Museum from 1975 until 2007 when the museum relocated. 
The typical exterior wall construction is wood framed with painted clapboard siding and corner  boards on the exterior and painted lath and plaster on the interior.
South Franklin Congregational Meeting House
South Franklin Congregational Meeting House

You can read the full report here

You can also find the same copy here (while the Town of Franklin website has been known to change their links from time to time - this link won't change)

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