Friday, June 19, 2015

In the News: Fire Dept keeps 4, Police still looking for suspect

The fire department will not have to cut the four firefighters it hired in 2013 with money awarded from the Federal Emergency Management Agency despite the grant expiring this year. 
Franklin Fire Dept
Franklin Fire Dept
Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said officials only needed to find enough extra money to pay for three out of the four positions in next fiscal year’s budget. 
Also, with the department no longer understaffed, it did not pay out as much overtime and instead used the savings for salaries, Nutting said.
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For additional insights into the FY 2016 budget check out the budget hearing reporting for the Finance Committee and Town Council meetings here

The police are still looking for the gunman who robbed a woman on June 4 in the driveway of her Forest Street home. 
Franklin Police Chief Stephan Semerjian Wednesday would not say if detectives have identified the suspect, described only as a white male in his 20s who is approximately six feet tall. 
Also, Semerjian did not reveal if police have circulated any images or drawings of the suspect since the robbery two weeks ago.
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