Friday, June 19, 2015

The Franklin Education Foundation Announces 2015-2016 Grant Awardees

The Franklin Education Foundation (FEF) has awarded 9 grants totaling approximately $19,500 for the 2015-2016 school year to teachers who represent all educational levels in the Franklin public school (FPS) system. A committee composed of FEF representatives and FPS staff read all proposals through a blind review process and selected the recipients. 
Franklin Education Foundation
Franklin Education Foundation
The committee also awarded the inaugural FEF Pinnacle Award to Mr. Nick Goldman of Oak Street Elementary School for his proposal to introduce heart rate monitors into the elementary physical education/health curriculum. The Pinnacle Award is given to the highest scoring application and provides up to $5000 for the project budget. 
“Consideration was given to need, innovation, impact, and integration with other school programs when selecting applications for funding. All of the selected proposals were meritorious. Mr. Golman’s proposal was selected for the Pinnacle Award because it sought to integrate heart rate monitors into the elementary physical education/health curriculum, and also to provide the anonymous heart rate data to fifth grade math teachers to use in their classes. This has never been attempted in Franklin Public Schools and impressed the committee as the being most innovative application.” stated Kit Brady, FEF President and Chair of the Grant Review Committee.
This year’s other recipients are: 
Franklin High School
  • Dawn-Marie Fernandes, Jennifer Spencer, Judy O’Neill, “FHS Goes Global” passport program
  • Dr. Carolyn Fortuna, Dan Hudder, Sam Rosen, Storyteller for 12th grade children's literature class
  • Jane Hogan, “Language as art” cultural installation; and Brenna Johnson, Community outreach through the arts afterschool club
At the middle school level, recipients are: 
Remington Middle School 
  • Tulani Husband-Verbeek, Book club with author visits by Skype; and Karen Lindblom, Motivational game creation workshop for teachers

At the elementary school level, recipients are: 
Oak Street School 
  • Tracie O'Brien, Home book bag program for grades 1-2
Parmenter School
  • Jean Wolf, Summer book clubs for students and read aloud book bags for parents

Since its inception in 1997, the FEF has awarded over $325,000 in grants to FPS. Yearly fundraisers such as next November’s Harlem Wizards basketball game, the annual Trivia Bee, as well as an annual fund campaign, provide much appreciated support from businesses, families and organizations for the FEF grants. 
To see a list of programs the FEF has funded over the years, visit The Franklin Education Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All gifts are fully tax deductible.

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