Sunday, June 14, 2015

"local solar installers say they have been busy"

“The investment is substantial,” said Barry Madden, the company’s general manager. “The investment in the environment is also important.” 
Despite the roughly $400,000 cost of the system installed late last year by Hopkinton-based Solect, the long-term payoff is worth it, Madden said. 
He said the company's monthly electric bill, which had been around $4,000, fell to about $200 last month. And, the company took advantage of a federal tax credit. 
“We will produce over 90 percent of our (electricity) consumption during peak production months,” Madden said. “It so far has proved to be a very, very good investment."
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Franklin Solar Challenge
Franklin Solar Challenge

The Franklin Solar Challenge is holding open houses to let you come to a home, view the solar installation and talk with the homeowner and solar experts about the installation.  

The schedule of open houses can be found here

Solar Flair has opened an office here in Franklin to help serve the community needs for the solar challenge

Additional info on the solar challenge can be found on the Franklin website

or on Facebook

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