Saturday, July 11, 2015

"I raised an addict - what could I have done differently?"

Patricia Byrne writes:
It has been a very interesting month. I have connected with old high school friends who have active or recovering addicts in their families. I have been contacted by people who are living the nightmare of Addiction as parents, spouses, children and friends of addicts as well as addicts themselves. Many have shared powerful stories of recovery. I have written or spoken the words ‘I am sorry for your loss’ too many times to count, though we really do need to keep counting… Every person we lose leaves a gaping hole in the world. That hole will swallow us all if the tide is not turned. 
I did not intend to start a blog, and I am a bit unsure of where to take it from here. I am, after all, just the Mom of an addict who posted a bit of a hissy fit to her Facebook. I don’t think I can keep tossing out hissy fits, it would get old pretty quickly. I have decided that I will post when something is swirling around in my head enough to make me sit down and write about it, since that’s what happened the first time. It may be a few things in a short amount of time, followed by a lull. We’ll just have to see where this blog leads me. 
This is a new journey and I’m glad for the company of all who would like to walk this path with me. We have certainly walked it alone for far too long. 
Today’s thought: What could I have done differently?
image from Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth.
image from Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth.

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