Monday, July 6, 2015

Franklin Police, Fire Collaborate with High School Students to Create Sharps PSA

Police Chief Stephan Semerjian reports that the Franklin Police and Fire Departments collaborated with High School students to create a public service announcement about safely disposing of syringe needles. 
The video stresses that if anyone finds a sharp in the community, they should not pick it up, and instead immediately alert police. The PSA reminds residents to: STOP. DON'T TOUCH. CALL 911. 
During a minute-and-a-half video, a group of students are on a playground when one girl notices a needle in the mulch. Curious, she reaches to pick it up, but a friend interjects before she can, "Stop, don't touch that!" he says. "It's a sharp, it can hurt you." 
After calling 911, students standby until Franklin police and fire arrive on scene. An officer uses rubber gloves to pick up the syringe and properly secure it in a sharps container. 
"Glad you guys called us," says Sergeant Christopher Spillane. "If someone accidentally got pricked with this, they could get hurt, or even worse, they could get sick." 
Firefighter Charles Bailey explains that the person who used the needle could have hepatitis or HIV, which could be transmitted to a person if he or she is pricked. So, it's important that community members never touch a a syringe they find on the ground. 
"The high school students did a great job collaborating with local public safety officials to create this important public service announcement," Chief Semerjian said. "Together, we can help ensure our community stays safe."

You can view the video here:

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Franklin Police Station - 911 Panther Way
Franklin Police Station - 911 Panther Way

Used needles can be safely disposed of at the kiosk located at the Police Station on Panther Way

Remember that prescription drugs can be safely disposed of at the Police Station

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