Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Live reporting: Franklin Advisory Committee

– Franklin Advisory Committee

Larry Benedetto
town headed in proper direction,
no complaints mostly compliments about the helpfulness of the employees

cul-de-sac issue, we are consistent with our neighbors, whether it can be raised to 800' is still open

much discussion with the Master Plan and how to proceed with it
idea of creating new mixed used development
South Franklin, Washington St (among others) would benefit from this possible development

the mom-pop stores that many grew up with will not return
can provide a convenience, create employment and revenue

parking should be left to the determination of the owners
the owner should have some freedom to make their own determination
the developer has the knowledge to make a good decision

South Meeting House
there will be a debate in the coming months about the use of it for future
need to preserve our historical assets
we are encouraged by the report and encourage all to be familiar with the details

site plan review/limited site plan review
decision to allow the Planning Board to proceed seems to have resolved the issue
complaints on 'fast tracking' are problematic, usually it  is the applicant who is slowing things down

removal of modulars will enhance and compliment the entrance to the town

the train station
we have a new roof and a paint job, the myriad problems that the T faces will hinder further
possibility of the developer of the Thompson property is a consideration

Council should retain the right to rezone a property
RT 140 rezoning caused an uproar but when all was said and done those impacted profited from the change

property owners should maintain their property

urgent care facility coming in across the street (i.e. new development replacing Ficco's et al)

Amendment to Chapter 185-18
applies to construction of non-conforming properties
coming in future meetings

need to expand the relationship with Dean College

we have a very active housing partnership
we keep seeing 'workforce housing' popping up
our position is that there are adequate measures in place
we need to work on commercial revenue

MBTA property
took property by eminent domain
will be a valuable property, I think we really need to start ringing that bell
I think they can find another place to put a salt barn and some old trailers

I am in favor of working with Dean, so what do they do for us?
They used to do some free classes, not sure what they are doing now

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