Thursday, July 16, 2015

Now there are three proposals for Pond St

I got caught working late in Boston but John Pazniokas kept the Pond St group informed via Facebook and I can share his meeting summary here.

The EDC meeting tonight introduced the three proposals for the parcel: 
- A sale/development proposal from Baystone Development, proposing 85 townhouse condos and 14,000 square feet of "Office/Retail". (Unofficially, the developer indicated that they'd rather go full office space on that 14,000, but that's not in the proposal.) 
- A land-lease proposal for solar by Kearsarge Energy. 
- A land-lease proposal for solar by Solect Energy. 
The three proposals were presented at the meeting, with little if any prereading done by anyone. (Chairman Bissanti basically claimed a cursory reading; nobody else sounded familiar with any of it.) There was a three-page memo from the town summarizing them. 
Highlights from the meeting:
- Interestingly, Bissanti opened the meeting by stressing rules of procedure and an unwillingness to permit personal or professional attacks. Not sure what THAT was about.
- Vallee is disappointed in the response to the RFPs, referring to it as an "ideal parcel" to have only 3 proposals. He seemed to take 'the process' to task for not getting the word out enough, and suggested that he wanted to try to get more proposals. 
- Bissanti, again, brought up the specter of the anaerobic digester, which he, again, pointed out he had opposed. This was to warn us that these proposals were pretty good. 
- The Planning Board rep spent most of the meeting critiquing the solar proposals and insinuating that, if anything, the Baystone bid was waysuperawesomer than anything else. (I'm sorry, but I can't un-type that now.) 
- Bissanti, again, insinuated that everyone "but these seven people in the audience" were basically seen as in favor of whatever the council decides.
Town of Franklin photo of the Pond St property
Town of Franklin photo of the Pond St property

When the RFP responses are posted to the Town webpage, I'll share the links. It is likely they will be posted to the same page where the other info on the Pond St property is found.

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