Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pond St RFP's responses to be reviewed

The next Economic Development Committee meeting is scheduled for Weds, July 15th at 6:00 PM. The meeting will review and discuss the responses to the RFP that was issued for the Pond St property and due to be submitted to Franklin as of July 9th.

At the Town Council meeting on Weds, July 8th, there had been at least one response submitted for solar. Reported to be from the same company that did the solar farm for the Mount St Mary's property. Franklin has an agreement with the solar farm there to purchase the electricity which effectively provides about 80% of Franklin's municipal requirements.

The meeting was discussed as being held in the Council Chambers as the 3rd floor training was unavailable. According to the Franklin calendar, the meeting will be held in the 3rd floor training room so something may have changed.

In any case, I do know the date and time of the meeting at the Municipal building. Worse case we show up to find out what room it is in.

Franklin Municipal Building
Franklin Municipal Building

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