Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Live reporting: Elementary School Improvement Plans

2. Guests/Presentations

a. School Improvement Plans PK-5


Kelty Kelly - 
added 3 goals to be specific for ECDC

family access to info and engagement with learning and information sharing

Linda Ashley, Principal, Jefferson Elementary
provides an overview of the four standards
"increased complexity and rigor"

1 - instructional framework
use the data from the student work to ensure meeting the student needs

2 - teaching all students
utilizing co-teaching, sharing strategies
using response to intervention models
math workshop, 2nd year in this new program

3 - family and community engagement
looking to be an inclusive community
celebrate the differences

4 - professional development
teachers using the common planning time
schools paired to foster the learning and collaboration together

Davis Thayer

Evemarie McNeil, Principal
ditto to many of the things that have already been mentioned

JF Kennedy

Mrs Toye
JFK also has a twitter account, utilization of blogs


Keller also has a Twitter account

Oak St


Tom Morris
one of the teachers has set up a twitter account to help communicate to the families

flexible grouping, an outgrowth of the common planning time
combining students for special attention on a particular concept


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