Monday, September 21, 2015

“Students can work at their pace”

"Newer to the method, Franklin Public Schools established one-to-one in the high school last year, in conjunction with their new high school opening. Administrators say they are already seeing successes. 
Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski said the Chromebooks used in the pilot program, typically about $300 each, worked well for students and teachers, but cautioned they’re not an end in and of themselves. 
“It's not meant to supplant actual books, creative problem solving and thinking. They’re a tool to support our learning expectations,” she said."
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Franklin Public Schools: the key to learning
Franklin Public Schools: the key to learning

"In the past decade, most everyone with access has experienced what it's like to learn from anyone, anywhere at any time. In everyday life, this is no longer an event to behold but the way we learn. Any policy maker or leader who doesn't understand and live this needs to find other employment."
read this good article written by Dean Shareski in the Huffington Post

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