Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Live reporting: Summer program updates

2. Guests/Presentations

a. Summer Update – Pandora Carlucci
Without Supt Sabolinski's leadership the programs would not be enjoyed by 2500 people during the summer

10 presentations from 4 groups
multi-media demonstration about to begin

Nancy Schoen and Jane Hogan

(video shown)

39 FHS students participated as mentors to the younger students
500 attended the final performance and pizza party
75 international students from Dean took a tour of FHS on the last day

Slides shared for Summer Art Institute
4 courses, 3 middle school, 1 high school; 50 students total
were able to participate as part of the Cultural Festival

Ann Butler

biotech boot camp, supported by local businesses for 7th and 8th graders
about 25 students participated
did work via case studies
not pretend science, actual forensics science used

Brenda Reed

talks about the fall schedule for Lifelong Learning
the brochure and updates have been shared here on Franklin Matters
Community walking is one of the events that is high interest; restarts on Sep 15th
3 pilot programs tried during the summer

  • adult men's basketball
  • advanced coed adult volleyball
  • private music lessons for students

88 people tried these programs this summer

establishing partnerships
Providence Performing Art Center, Hanover Theater
among the many being built

some suggested country line dancing, exploring to maybe make available this winter

Kristen Circe, Michelle Hess, Jessi Fanueli

High School Experience
305 freshman participated, the largest group thus far

toured the high school, got their Chromebooks and student IDs

project adventure is one of the student highlights

organized curriculum and activity session
enthusiasm was contagious all week
the new freshman class was inventive and creative

"if nothing goes right go left"
"we'd rather we hated for who we are than liked for who we are not"
(others to be added; final vote to be held by students to select the class motto)

combined history and literature for a session
combined math and science for a session
one session on "7 habits of highly effective teens"

Solutions Summer

water slides on Wednesday
housed at Jefferson Elementary for the summer

6 week program from K to 6th grade
weekly themes

Jeff Chaffee "Archimedes"

grown from 35 - 65 students in five years
will stay at elementary and middle school

Thanks for choosing math in July

Seth Diamond

thanks to the custodians for taking care of the 250 students
K to 6th grade

STAR program

Mullen - thanks to all for your enthusiasm and desire to do this for the students in the summer time

O'Malley - Archimedes could visit us if we had longer school days, these kind of activities belong in the classroom every day. We need air conditioning in the schools, we need longer days. We need to pay teachers more. That is a theme. I am not proposing an action item. I hope to see it during my time. Thank you again!

Jewel - I have to admit that this is my favorite time of year, I was talking with the Dean of Ohio St integrating different programs, allowing achievement. You do it every day with math, english and allowing them to be creative. I am disappointed in that you have only as many as you do. How many students do we have in the district? Maybe we have not done enough to advertise this.

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