Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In the News: brief evacuation for safety, summer school experiences

A resident who poured gasoline around his home and threatened to hurt himself was shot in the leg and subdued by police shortly before noon Tuesday. 
At 11:30 a.m., Franklin Police and Fire departments responded to a call from Riverside Mental Health Services reporting a male patient who was threatening harm to himself on School Street. 
Concerned about the safety of the neighborhood, Police Chief Stephan Semerjian said a perimeter around the man's home was briefly evacuated, including the nearby Davis Thayer Elementary School.
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Students and residents took part in an array of summer programs - including those focusing on music, art, math and science - since schools let out in June. 
The School Committee at its meeting Tuesday night heard from 10 presenters about how summer programs at the schools had progressed. 
Pandora Carlucci, the executive director of the district's Lifelong Learning Institute, said the institute works to support, complement and supplement instruction done in the classroom. She introduced the individual program directors, who spoke about their experiences over the summer.
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math program group photo
math program group photo

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