Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Live reporting: to closing

thanks to the police and fire for the action yesterday on the School St issue

looking to get three fire fighters to replace 2 and anticipate a retirement

now have a Facebook page for the Town
will hook up

Oak St is only temporarily paved

looking to move the Rec Dept by the end of next week
web and phones down for move

Nutting - in order to meet his request, would have to declare surplus and abandoning a portion of a pubic way, doesn't meet the intent of public property. Sets a bad precedent from a public policy perspective

water did seep into the structure, does require maintenance on a regular basis
may need to cover it up would keep kids off during the winter

it took an awful long time to get them to repair, the kids are out there constantly
would need to provide notice if it is covered

you heard Jeff's comments

he would need a variance and the recommendation was to make an inlaw housing rather than dual property

would need to do title search, would need to draw plans, would have to incur those costs

Kelly - sometimes we need to sit down with the home owner and the building commissioner

Cerel - you don't know what kind of pandora's box you are opening here, my legal advice would be this is a slippery slope

Bissanti - we can't talk about Pandora's box every time

can't apply for a duplex or inlaw, would not get approved for it
town took it in 1940, I am looking to take it back
my brother needs the help

Pfeffer - I think it is a bad use of the public property

The neighbor doesn't want the improvement because it would raise their taxes

Padula - there may be other avenues for this,

There are other options that are available

Refer to new business is only thing that can be done to resolve this

Vallee - proposing to get Partners HealthCare to get an urgent care facility for the town
Carewell is part of the site plan being presented on Sep 14
Medico is going in next to Starbucks

Pfeffer - sidewalk and utility poles
Nutting - we do have a commitment

Pfeffer - work on Wachusett St for the parking lot
property at 48 Arlington, doing work spruced up and it looks great

solar panels at Parmenter are not working
cellar leak at Parmenter


motion to adjourn

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