Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Live reporting: Closing

2 minute recess for crowd to return to Town Clerk party

resume meeting

Recognition of Steve Williams as last meeting for Town Council
by Rep Jeff Roy, Sen Karen Spilka

Jeff recognition for Debbie and all her work her
and thanks for the flower bed

condolences to the Brown family

did get DEP grant for storm water management
thanks to Brutus and staff for writing the application

on Oct 30, pumpkins in the Sculpture Park
trick or treat while things last
the Friday before Halloween

ground breaking of the YMCA splash park being donated by Rockland Charitable Trust

Vote yes on the tax vote

awarded another 'safe community' recognition
thanks to the police fire and dispatchers for making this a safe place

thanks to Williams for his work

down at DelCarte on Sunday and it was busy

solar array at Parmenter is working again
leak resolved during the summer

power plant in Bellingham
proposal for Medway power plant expansion
concern about the proximity to Franklin
I would be remiss if I did not seek more information


Dellorco - 7:00 PM at Franklin TV with recovery addicts and FHS students to do a program

Williams - thanks for the opportunity to serve you for the past two years
for your knowledge, understanding and guidance
I thought I knew quite a bit, I was surprised at how dumb I was

Kelly - need to do something at the next council meeting, no matter who is here sitting on the Council

Downtown construction, can not complain enough about the MassDOT
promising to do something on one day and not getting done until later
it was a nice project but we have been sold a bill of goods

thanks to the new council candidates, there is a lot of meetings at all hours
when you leave here, you go on Facebook and find out folks don't like what was just done

Thank you Mr Williams for you help, you have been nothing but a gentleman
thank you for putting me here the last two years
I would be nothing but honored to sit with you next time

Bissanti - follow up with Matt's comments
this is the closest I've been to a police chief on an amicable basis
let's have a robust outcome in voting


motion to adjourn, passed 8-0 (Mercer had disconnected)

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