Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Upcoming Meetings For Potential Pipeline And Power Plant

Via Facebook from Denise Schultz:

* Tuesday, Oct 20, 
League of Women Voters Forum on the Access Northeast pipeline, 7:00 PM, Walpole Public Library, 143 School Street, Walpole. 

Terra Friedrichs, former Acton Selectwoman; Cathy Buckley, Massachusetts Sierra Club; and Paul Lauenstein, 350 Massachusetts, to present, Marcia Hirschberg, LWV, as MC. Q & A following.

OUR ROLE: We will pass out the latest general Spectra Access Northeast flyer (updated and attached with the latest info on the Dept of Public Utilities self-authorization to eventually charge customers for the pipelines) to attendees and can attend the forum to ask pertinent questions. This meeting will be recorded and used on local cable so ask good questions!

* Wednesday, Oct 21, 
Pipeline presentation, 7:00 PM, Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary, 293 Moose Hill Parkway, Sharon. Rand Barthel to present, followed by Q & A.
OUR ROLE: We will pass out the latest general Spectra Access Northeast flyer (see attached). Sharon residents can sign the petition to request the selectmen to stop the Spectra process in Sharon.
Twitter image
Twitter image

* Wednesday, Oct 21, 
Medway Exelon Peaker Plant Expansion meeting, 7:00 PM, Medway High School, Auditorium, 88 Summer Street, Medway. The Medway Board of Selectmen are in charge of the meeting.
OUR ROLE: For those willing to hold Stop Medway Power Plant Expansion signs, arrive at 5:45 PM 2 Milford Street, Medway, to pick up signs, clipboards, signup sheets, and petition letters. The focus of the event will only be on Exelon, not the pipeline (we don't want to confuse people). We will hold Exelon signs only and do related stuff 6:00-7:00 PM, after which signs can be delivered back to 2 Milford St and signup sheets left in the garage. Non-Medway residents can attend the meeting and may be able to ask a few questions. However, your presence as a non-Medway resident is IMPORTANT because all who oppose the power plant should wear RED to the meeting so the selectmen can clearly see the amount of opposition. If you can't come early to hold the signs, that's OK; please come for the 7:00 meeting wearing red; we need to use every opportunity to influence this process!

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