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Friday, March 11, 2016

In the News: Medway official unhappy; municipal energy aggregation proceeds for Franklin

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

"(Medway) Town officials are unhappy with a group opposed to Exelon’s proposed 200-megawatt expansion of the company’s existing Summer Street facility. 
The group, which operates a Facebook page called STOP Medway Power Plant, earlier this week posted a Connecticut Post article that highlighted power plant opponents. 
The story cited a proposal from Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) to build a 580-megawatt power plant in Walpole in 2008, when Medway Town Administrator Michael Boynton served the same role in that town."

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"The Town Council approved a municipal energy aggregation plan with the hopes that it will save local electricity customers money on their bills. 
The council heard a presentation about the merits of an agreement with Colonial Power Group during its Wednesday meeting. 
Representatives from the group, as well as the consulting firm Community Paradigm Associate, gave a brief slideshow presentation about municipal aggregation, which would have the town seek bids from power suppliers. Municipal aggregation options, they said, typically save customers money and - since the town can determine the length of its contract - can enjoy more stability from rate fluctuations. 
Officials also noted that though residents will be included in the program by default, they may choose to opt out when they wish."

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Note: I am pleased the aggregation was approved. I was pleased to learn that I did not need to sign up. I would have been happy to be among the first to do so. However, as announced during the Town Council meeting, all Franklin will be enrolled by default and can opt out at anytime. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

In the News: briefs filed for against power plant, court decision stands

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

"Intervening parties and Exelon have filed briefs in opposition and in support of the company’s proposal to build a 200-megawatt expansion of an existing power plant on Summer Street. 
The matter has been before the state Energy Facilities Siting Board for approval for almost a year, and hearings took place in December and January. 
Medway, the Charles River Watershed Association (CRWA), the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), Eversource and Exelon filed initial briefs this week, with two of those groups filing briefs in opposition to the project."

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"A U.S. District Court judge announced Wednesday that he will not reconsider the dismissal of a local family's civil lawsuit against the town of Franklin and several police officers, though the case remains on appeal. 
Plantiffs Amy and Jeffrey DeLucia had filed suit against the town, Police Chief Stephan Semerjian and five police officers in 2015, claiming several acts of misconduct, including a physical attack that broke several of Jeffrey DeLucia's bones. 
The case was dismissed without prejudice in February, however, after the DeLucias were unable to comply with the town's requests for evidence."

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

In the News: Pond St discussion proceeds, Medway warrant pending state's decision

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

"Talks have begun regarding a possible condominium development on Pond Street, though the matter will not come before the Town Council again this month. 
Earlier this month, the council took a non-binding straw poll vote in favor of an 85-unit development on a town-owned, 33-acre property on the street. The proposal would have a developer purchase the land for about $1.65 million. The council decided to have town staff draft a formal resolution, which would be voted upon at a future meeting. 
Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting said that there had been some progress in talks with the developer. 
"We had an initial meeting just yesterday," he said Wednesday. "There will probably be a follow-up next week."

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An annual Town Meeting warrant article asking residents to approve a $75.2 million payment-in-lieu-of-taxes (PILOT) agreement with Exelon is currently a placeholder pending a state board’s decision on allowing the company’s proposed expansion to move forward, selectmen and town officials said Tuesday. 
Town Administrator Michael Boynton, while going over the May 9 special and annual Town Meeting warrants, suggested that if the article goes forward, it should be first. 
“It’s going to be the biggest discussion of the night,” he said.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Emails to state your case for/against the proposed power plant expansion in Medway

Hi Steve!

I'm not sure if you've already posted this on Franklin Matters, but if people want to make their voice heard about the proposed power plant expansion in Medway, here are all of the contact emails together in one place along with my favorite quote from the MA Constitution :)  
 Thanks again for all you do to help keep us Franklin people informed!!!
image from Stop Medway Peaker Plant webpage
image from Stop Medway Peaker Plant webpage


A letter or e-mail written to one or more of these public officials is the most effective thing you can do.

Siting Board:

State Officials

Board of Selectmen

Please mention "West Medway EFSB15-01" in the subject line.

You can find sample letters under "Contact Officials" on the website.

"The people shall have the right to clean air and water, freedom from excessive and unnecessary noise, and the natural, scenic, historic, and esthetic qualities of their environment; and the protection of the people in their right to the conservation, development and utilization of the agricultural, mineral, forest, water, air and other natural resources is hereby declared to be a public purpose." Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Article 97.

Friday, October 23, 2015

In the News: Adult learning workshops, Exelon lacks water contingency, Mercer runs for 3rd, Jones looks to return

The Center for Adult Education and Community Learning, 218 Oak St., announced five upcoming one-night workshops open to the community beginning Nov. 7. 
Each one-night session is designed to be an informative and enjoyable evening in a relaxed setting. Some sessions are interactive. 
Anyone interested in one or more of the following one-night workshops can register by going to and clicking on Adult Education or by calling The Center at 508-613-1480:

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Although there is no guarantee that Exelon, Millis and Medway will come to an agreement on pumping water through each town to Exelon's proposed expansion, the company does not have a contingency plan. 
Millis Town Administrator Charles Aspinwall said he only received a final proposal Monday from the engineering firm Kleinfelder to do feasibility study of selling water to Exelon. 
The company needs a maximum of 95,000 gallons per day, but will be able to draw about half of that from an onsite well.

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During his time on the Town Council, Thomas Mercer has helped bring multiple new town buildings to fruition, and said he was proud the town had invested in its infrastructure over the years. 
Mercer is one of 14 candidates seeking nine Town Council seats in Franklin's Nov. 3 election. A lifelong resident of Franklin, he is running for a third term on the council, though he has served the town in several other capacities.
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As a former Town Council member himself, candidate Glenn Jones finds himself in an interesting position as he runs to rejoin it. 
Jones is one of 14 candidates seeking nine seats on the council in the Nov. 3 town election.
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

In the News: Medway opposition, Library approval, Council candidate, Smile gala, Sugar Shoppe

“That’s not reality,” he said. “The reality is that we recognize that there are folks that are going to leave here tonight that are still going to be frustrated and are not going to want to jump on board.” 
The approval process, he said, is “not within the boundaries of the town of Medway,” and instead lies with the state Facilities Energy Siting Board. 
“We do not have the ability to give a thumbs up, or a thumbs down,” Boynton said, pointing to the provisions negotiated in the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) and Host Community Agreement that he said were “more one-sided in the town’s favor than … anything Exelon may want.”

The Town Council voted unanimously in favor of a one-year $10.5 million renovation and addition to the Franklin Public Library. 
The audience in the council chambers applauded after the roll call vote approved the project, which would require library services to move to a temporary location during construction. 
Judith Pfeffer, the chairwoman of the library building committee and member of the council, gave a presentation on the matter, along with project architect Drayton Fair.

Newcomer candidate Sean Slater said he's running for Town Council to make sure the Franklin of tomorrow is as safe and affordable as it is today. 
A seven-year Franklin resident, Slater is one of 14 candidates seeking nine seats on the council in the town's Nov. 3 election.

Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito will be the special guest speaker at Project Smile’s gala fundraiser - the Project Smile 12th Anniversary Celebration Friday, Oct. 23, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at Doubletree Hotel, 11 Beaver St. 
Founded by Catherine Pisacane in 2003, the Hopedale-based, non-profit organization partners with police and fire departments, the Dept. of Children & Families and homeless shelters and donates stuffed animals, books, coloring books and crayons to help children who are victims of traumatic events. 
Many of the children receiving stuffed animals have been involved in car accidents, are victims of child abuse or other crimes, sick/injured, witnesses to domestic violence, entering foster care or living in a homeless shelter. Since October 2003, Project Smile has donated more than 36,000 stuffed animals and works with 195 police and fire departments both locally and throughout New England.

The grand opening of the Sugar Shoppe - a non-profit candy store - is set for Monday at 334 Union St., with a soft opening Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. The store will then be open for regular business hours as of Monday. 
Sugar Shoppe is a local candy/confection boutique with a two-fold mission: Reintroducing the nostalgic candy store concept (touched with a modern flair) and bringing the community together to raise money for a good cause. The mission is providing gift baskets to homeless moms and assorted gift baskets for homeless kids at special times during the year when they may not receive anything at all. 
The goal is to be able to lift spirits and provide hope when there may be none. Patrons can shop to their hearts content with fine candies, confections and celebrity truffles (official gift basket truffle of the Oscars) and all net proceeds will go towards helping someone in need. Sugar Shoppe will also work with other local non-profit causes holding events to help raise money in joint community efforts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Upcoming Meetings For Potential Pipeline And Power Plant

Via Facebook from Denise Schultz:

* Tuesday, Oct 20, 
League of Women Voters Forum on the Access Northeast pipeline, 7:00 PM, Walpole Public Library, 143 School Street, Walpole. 

Terra Friedrichs, former Acton Selectwoman; Cathy Buckley, Massachusetts Sierra Club; and Paul Lauenstein, 350 Massachusetts, to present, Marcia Hirschberg, LWV, as MC. Q & A following.

OUR ROLE: We will pass out the latest general Spectra Access Northeast flyer (updated and attached with the latest info on the Dept of Public Utilities self-authorization to eventually charge customers for the pipelines) to attendees and can attend the forum to ask pertinent questions. This meeting will be recorded and used on local cable so ask good questions!

* Wednesday, Oct 21, 
Pipeline presentation, 7:00 PM, Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary, 293 Moose Hill Parkway, Sharon. Rand Barthel to present, followed by Q & A.
OUR ROLE: We will pass out the latest general Spectra Access Northeast flyer (see attached). Sharon residents can sign the petition to request the selectmen to stop the Spectra process in Sharon.
Twitter image
Twitter image

* Wednesday, Oct 21, 
Medway Exelon Peaker Plant Expansion meeting, 7:00 PM, Medway High School, Auditorium, 88 Summer Street, Medway. The Medway Board of Selectmen are in charge of the meeting.
OUR ROLE: For those willing to hold Stop Medway Power Plant Expansion signs, arrive at 5:45 PM 2 Milford Street, Medway, to pick up signs, clipboards, signup sheets, and petition letters. The focus of the event will only be on Exelon, not the pipeline (we don't want to confuse people). We will hold Exelon signs only and do related stuff 6:00-7:00 PM, after which signs can be delivered back to 2 Milford St and signup sheets left in the garage. Non-Medway residents can attend the meeting and may be able to ask a few questions. However, your presence as a non-Medway resident is IMPORTANT because all who oppose the power plant should wear RED to the meeting so the selectmen can clearly see the amount of opposition. If you can't come early to hold the signs, that's OK; please come for the 7:00 meeting wearing red; we need to use every opportunity to influence this process!

Monday, October 19, 2015

"Selectmen are expected to approve agreements with Exelon"

Crowley said in light of the fact that the town has little say in whether the plant is built – aside from a lawsuit that would be ill-advised, according to the town’s consultants – the Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) and Host Community Agreement are the best deals for the town. 
“There were a lot of disagreements, but at the end, we came to what we thought was the best possible solution for the town,” he said. “There were times I was frustrated.” 
The PILOT calls for more than $75 million to be paid to the town over 20 years, starting when the plant becomes operational, expected in 2018. The document will be voted on at Annual Town Meeting in May.

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Related article

What can Franklin do about the Medway power plant expansion?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

What can Franklin do about the Medway power plant expansion?

1 - There is a "Public Forum" on Wednesday at 7PM, Medway High School 88 Summer Street.   

Franklin neighbors are encouraged to attend. If opposed to the plant, folks are asks to wear a red shirt.

2 - There was a Fox News report on Thursday (10/15/15):

Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

3 - "Stop Medway Peaker" recently released a statement: 

This power plant threatens the health and safety of our children and our communities by polluting our air and wasting our precious natural resources. Please plan to attend the public forum Oct. 21 to have your voices heard. Let the Board of Selectmen know how you feel and tell them to voice their strong opposition to this project and do everything in their power to stop the expansion.

4 - What can Franklin Residents do?

WRITE THE STATE SITING BOARD: Go to the web page Click on "contact officials" where you can find sample letters and who to email.

Twitter image
Twitter image

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