Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Franklin Election Results - Nov 3, 2015

The full set of results for today's Election in Franklin. 3,844 voters turned out for today's vote approx. 17% of those registered.

** Burr took the Town Clerk over Padula-O'Neill by 1113 to 1081. A recount has verbally been requested.

** For School Committee, the successful candidates were
Douglas, Jewell, O'Malley, Bergen, Schultz, Bilello, Scofield

** For Board of Health, the two incumbents (Brunelli and Rinaldi) maintained their positions.

** For Town Council, the following were successful
Pellegri, Bissanti, Dellorco, Kelly, Mercer, Padula, Pfeffer, Vallee, Jones

** The one ballot question passed by a vote of 2701 (Yes) to 650 (No).

If anyone is having trouble with the Google Doc version of the PDF, try this Dropbox version

Franklin election Nov 3, 2015
Franklin election Nov 3, 2015

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