Monday, November 2, 2015

Franklin Voter Quick Reference Card for Nov 3rd

There are contested races for Town Council, School Committee, Board of Health, and Town Clerk. There are a lot of candidates to find out about to make a good decision on who to vote for on Tuesday.

There is also one ballot question

One Ballot Question

Do you approve of not imposing the excise tax established by G.L. Chapter 59, Section 8A on any person engaged principally in agriculture who owns farm machinery and equipment or farm animals?
The "not" is the key word here. Franklin has been neglecting to collect this excise tax for years.

Now that there are three operating farms (Akin-Bak, Hoffman Farms, and Grateful Farms), the State caught this error in the Board of Assessors process

  • Vote “Yes – to approve of NOT collect this excise tax and help the local farmers
  • Vote “No” – to collect the tax and the town is reported to need to spend more money collecting the tax than the revenue the actual tax would provide

The election collection has all the interviews published here on Franklin Matters (21). It has all the profiles published by the MIlford Daily News (25).

Download the quick reference sheet to make your notes:

Download a sample of the ballot to see all the positions being voted on (and not just the contested elections):

Franklin Town Common
Franklin Town Common

The Election Collection can be found here

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