Sunday, January 24, 2016

Alexis Frasca is recognized, the billboard proposal was a no-show, and Pond St generated a lot of feedback

The summary of the Town Council meeting of Wednesday, January 20.


The Town Council recognized Alexis Frasca recently selected as Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2016. Alexis is a senior at FHS and captain of the cheerleading squad. She had just arrived from cheer practice to be recognized. Chair Matt Kelly read the proclamation.

Alexis Frasca listens to Chair Matt Kelly read the proclamation
Alexis Frasca listens to Chair Matt Kelly read the proclamation

Digital billboard

There was a brief discussion on the absence of those proposing a digital sign to be placed along i495. The presentation has been made to the Economic Development Committee meeting ans was scheduled to be picked up by the Town Council. Despite the no show, there will be a future meeting scheduled to review the proposal.

The proposal document as shared at the EDC meeting can be found here

Pond St

Much of the meeting centered on the discussion around the status and plans for the Pond St property. Jeff Nutting provided some background and an overview of the three options: (1) accept the current RFP response for some condos, (2) put a new RFP out for a hotel or ??? (3) do nothing.

Many of the community present for this discussion commented and or raised questions. The Town Council will take this information to a discussion at their next meeting to determine how they will proceed. The decision at that time will be around what resolution will need to be crafted for the official vote.
rendering of the condo current proposal
rendering of the condo current proposal

So while this will be resolved soon, the actual final decision could take time depending upon what the Council chooses to do. If they do nothing, that would be the quickest route to an ending. If they either accept the current RFP the discussion to fine tune the current proposal will commence. As Franklin owns the property, it can work with the purchaser to confirm the details (setbacks, access to MIne Brook, mix of 2 or 3 bedrooms, etc.) all the items as discussed, before getting an official deal which the Council would need to approve. Then the proposal would have to navigate the Planning Board and other zoning regulations before actually doing something.

If the Council chooses to go out for another RFP, we take several steps back in time to begin the process over again. Stay tuned.

The agenda and documents released for the meeting

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