Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Live Reporting: School Committee - Jan 26, 2016

Present: Bilello,Scofield, Bergen, Douglas, O'Malley, Schultz, Jewell
Absent:  none

1. Routine Business
Citizen’s Comments

Review of Agenda
no changes

Minutes: I recommend approval of the minutes from the January 12, 2016 School Committee Meeting. 
motion to approve, seconded, passed 7-0

Payment of Bills Dr. O’Malley

Payroll Mrs. Douglas

FHS Student Representatives
not present this session, this is mid-term week, they are likely home studying

now a level 1 high school

Correspondence: none

2. Guests/Presentations
a. Capital Budget

Asst Superintendent Sally Winslow
Technical Director  Tim Raposa
Facility Director  Mike D'Angelo

capital plan funds the big ticket items not covered by the operating budget
usually wait until after snow removal bills are covered to see how much 'free cash' is available for capital items

capital budget items will be reviewed by the School Committee, then the Finance Committee and ultimately the Town Council

priority coding key for the items
items this year around school safety

draft school safety audit was presented in August 2015

1 - update network access point licenses
$47/access point per year

2 - visitor badge software
piloting at FHS and Parmenter
scan visitors driver license and prints a sticker for the visitor to be worn for the day
provides level of security for outsiders to be within the building and visibly aware

3 - security door at Parmenter
adding the extra level of security to Parmenter like at other schools
Parmenter was originally built in the 1950 and did not have this vestibule feature

4 - security cameras for special education vans
provide a level of security for the student riders as well as the personnel
recording device cameras, not live connections to anywhere

5 - replace doors at Remington/Jefferson
doors are getting corroded by the salt during the winter periods
aluminum curtain wall used there, not usually found elsewhere
will also add a safety

6 - replace toilet partitions at Davis Thayer
feasibility study of upgrading the building was done a couple of years ago
it was not economically feasible to do so
however some capital repairs (like this) are being requested and being implemented over time
replacing metal dividers put in during the 1970's when it was renovated at that time

7 - automatic door openers for Keller/Sullivan
requesting for the Keller side first, to gradually add here and add elsewhere as opportunity arises

Scofield - license scan what does it check?
it will check any publicly available record, it will not do a CORI check (not publicly available records)

Scofield - follow up question on the aluminum doors
not been seen elsewhere, with steel doors last 25-30 years

Bilello - shopping around is good, what is the technology plan if these are still from 2009?
it would be helpful to have that kind of info to help us planning

it is on the list of 'things to do'
I have a five year plan and even three years ago is difficult as we did not have these 3 years ago

Sabolinski - we are under resourced in both facility and technology and scrambling to keep up. I agree that a more strategic plane is warranted

O'Malley - can we get a presentation on the overall technology plan

With the PARCC decision, 900 chromebooks and access points were added quickly
putting this into the capital budget at least avoid an operational issue

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