Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Live reporting: Discussion items

3. Discussion Only Items

  • 2016-2017 School Calendar
no comments or questions (initially)

  • Food Service

Whitson's came in 5 years ago, will be searching for our own food service director to bring the service in house
no change to the food service workers as they remained Franklin employees during the service provided by Whitson's
Whitson's notified that the contract will be ending at the end of this school year

it is easier to sell pizza than kale
the administration and management fees will provide the 'wash' from a budget perspective to fund the food service director

What was the fee?
$60,000 administrative with an opportunity to recover up to $20,000
management fees were per meal and could be returned to the district if conditions were met (and they were last year)

School wellness advisory council putting out a survey to look for feedback on nutrition and food, hopefully that info will help to inform the direction of the revisions to the program

Re-opening the calendar item

Denise returns with a clarification on survey answers from parents for the calendar
generally teachers want before Labor Day and parents want after

what about Feb and April vacation combining?
Already started looking at the 2017-2018 calendar, if you do want to do so, there are parents who need to know early as people are making plans

no decisive info from the survey
happy to come back with options
need to look at the MCAS/PARCC testing schedule as they would be scheduled for March

Bilello - knowing the testing calendar is important, we are competing with the town around us, we don't need to draw out the options, the parents need to get their child care calendar set

If we do go with a subcommittee, we would need to include the FEA representatives

if the change were to be made, it would only be for the 2017-2018 school year at the earliest

Jewell - I would be for a subcommittee to look at it and review the pros/cons for changing the schedule, the committee would need to find out the info

O'Malley - if any interest, please let me know
Bergen, Scofield, Schultz interested

major development, vacation schedules to be looked at
to ensure all constituencies to be included

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