Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Live reporting: FHS Program of studies update

c. FHS Program of Studies Update
Peter Light

Note the doc linked to is in the process of being updated. It contains most of the new updates but the date for the program of instruction still refers to '2015-2016' school year (rather than the 2016-1017 school year)

  • computer science, grant from State last year allowed development of this new aspect of training
  • advanced placement of computer science principles; expand upon the current offering which is targeted for coders, this is more broadly based student; students develop a portfolio rather than finish with an exam
  • advanced placement physic level 1 and increase over the physics C course (targeted for engineering students)
  • overview of environmental science, currently offering a series of semester electives but those classes mostly do not end up being run as the enrollments don't reach the required level
O'Malley - how many AP classes do we offer?
Light - only 2 or 3 AP classes that we don't offer (languages, and micro economics as examples)
52-54% of the senior class takes an AP class

Jewel - stick with the fundamentals, sometimes the students go to fast through the intros and don't learn it as well as they should

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