Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Live reporting: Substance Abuse Presentation

b. FHS Substance Abuse Task Force

Peter Light, Kristin Circe, and Joshua MacCreery

numbers lower than national average but can be better
data from MetroWest survey has not changed a whole deal over the years

substance abuse education from K-12
age appropriate through the years to create and enhance the awareness
more depth beginning about 5th grade

increase in clubs and activities at the High School helps
SADD is a key club in some of the activities

Panthers Club and Community Service Club

School Wellness Advisory Council (SWAC)
focuses on extra curricular healthy activities

FHS substance abuse sub-committee has three leads to focus on students, faculty and community to assist in raising awareness and education

Chris Herren (former NBA basketball player) coming to speak at FHS Feb 29th

Bilello - thanks for the information
it was disappointing that at the SAFE coalition forum, one student spoke to somethings that are not reflected here
what are you doing with the middle schools?

Circe - using the data to drive curriculum and awareness down to the middle school level, the 7/8 students actually participate in the survey

Light - did get about 80 FHS teachers show up to do something to help, looking to start small and build on success; activities being planned around the Chris Herren visit; possible event planned for the joint basketball games at FHS against KP. Police coming in to do some drug awareness training during March and extend to middle school personnel. This does have a district wide impact

Schultz - question on the numbers, 10% in middle school 
Circe - the answers are life time events, not necessarily an indication of a continued use. Later added that the average had decreased over the past several year. Still a decent number of users but a down trend.
Light - use of a 'party' bowl where extra drugs are brought to a party to be shared - not really a smart decision because you have no idea what is really being used
Sabolinski - academic stress increases as they get to juniors, taking more caffeine and other self medications to get through it. Can go back to the zones of regulation, helping kids learn to recognize and deal with the emotions. Have spent several years moving in this direction. The anxiety and depression increases

Jewel - concern with the guidance as not always be good, need to be able to decipher. Some of the consequences of taking one drug or another may not be recoverable.

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