Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Live reporting: Davis Thayer - update on math program

2. Guests/Presentations
  • Davis Thayer Update – Principal Evemarie McNeil and Asst Principal Stefani Wasik

Jennifer Violet, math specialist

the document used for the presentation


fall collection of food for the Franklin Food Pantry tied to the curriculum at each grade level
for example:

  • Grade 4 used grocery ads as part of the exercise
  • Grade 5 used the shopping list to calculate the cost of the food per person
the three students who did the pledge of allegiance also took part in the math presentation

phone app with a nightly math tip and explanation encouraged

some family board games use math so it is a good way to make math fun

Grade 2 math morning this Friday, public invited

"problem of the week' challenges students who are willing
example of a problem, a mouse climbing out of a well, climbed a bit each day but slipped back each night, how long did it take to get out of the well? About a week.

CPT - common planning time
PLC - ??
PD - professional development

teachers are getting challenged by the math specialist to do homework

projects outside of math class can be fun, combined with other topics is a challenge
for example, how much money do authors make when they sell a book

thank you for the support of the full time math specialists this year, it is money well spent

Bilello - great presentation, with so much focus on new math, with the incorporation of the math specialist role into the curriculum. how do you support the 'new' math?

Violet - show people that it doesn't have to be scary, math can be done in a nonthreatening manner. works with the teachers on a regular basis. how do we supplement these real world issues.

O'Malley - love how you tie math to a community project like the collection for the Food Pantry

Violet - specialists meet every week to coordinate the programs and artifacts for the curriculum

Douglas - I have attended the math programs and it is a wonderful time

Violet - Since it was so close to the Food Pantry, it was powerful to make the walk to deliver the food

Jewel - I get a lot of complaints about the lack of memorization, my grand daughter went shopping and had to spend just a specific amount, she had to layout what she could and how much she could get for the amount

Bergen - is there still a place for memorization?
Violet - yes, there are still places for that, they need to understand the full concept and not just the memorization

O'Malley - this time of year we are doing budgets and it is crucial to be able to see this in practice

Jewel - it will be easier for them later to solve for x in algebra, although they aren't doing it know they really are solving for x

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