Friday, February 26, 2016

The Turf Grass Forum asks "Is the Beaver Street field safe to use?"


  • The Beaver Street field is still slated for use in the spring of 2016
  • Precautions the Town of Franklin should take: GMAX testing and LEAD testing

photo of Beaver St field conditions
photo of Beaver St field conditions


  • Who was the synthetic turf/carpet and in-fill material supplier for the Town of Franklin's Beaver Street Field?
  • Is the town liable or the manufacturer for maintenance which effects safety or warranty of the current field?

WHY GMAX and what is it?

You can read all the scientific details but simply put:
It is a test to measure the Surface hardness and applies to natural grass and synthetic turf.
GMAX is important because of the increased potential of concussions and other injuries cause by impact on a hard surface.

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