Monday, February 22, 2016

Franklin DPW: Memorandum of Agreement 2015-2018

Side Letter - Attachment B

Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance at the Franklin High and Horace Mann Middle Schools

Not withstanding the settlement of the parties' 2015 to 2018 collective bargaining agreement, the parties shall have continuing discussions about the impacts of the Franklin High School outside grounds, court yard and new athletic playing fields.

The expected impacts and costs to maintain these new areas with current staffing levels of DPW personal are unknown. ·

Specifically, the costs associated with the man power, equipment and materials needed to maintain the school grounds can only be estimated. It is anticipated with the burden of maintaining these new areas at the High School, man power and resources will be drained from other areas of the DPW. The current overall "high maintenance level" at the Town and School departments will suffer not only at the High School, but at other Town and School facilities.

From July 1, 2015 through November 2018 the Town will have the right to outsource the following work to determine the cost of labor and resources at the High School and Horace Mann Middle School:
  • Mowing and trimming of all "passive grass areas" i.e.: lawns around school buildings, lawns around parking areas, islands in parking areas, MS4·green spaces, and any area that is not used for athletics.
  • Providing and installing Mulch to all planting beds.
  • The picking up of litter in all passive grass areas mulched planting beds.
  • Spring and Fall clean-ups, which may include mowing, weeding, leaf pick-ups for all "passive grass areas" outlined above and planting beds.
Due to the skill set of present DPW personnel and equipment already owned by DPW, DPW will continue to maintain all "active grass areas" i.e. sports fields at the High School and Horace Mann Middle School, which will include mowing and trimming of grass areas, litter pick up, and emptying of all trash containers. It also may include limited fertilization and line painting as determined by Director.

The Town has the right to outsource such work, subject to three conditions:
  1. No member of the bargaining unit will be laid off solely as a result of such outsourcing.
  2. The Town will bargain with the union about any demonstrable impacts on conditions of employment.
  3. The Town will provide a copy of the bid documents for the out sourcing of said work, all costs associated with said work for future discussions.
This was part of the set of documents released for the Town Council agenda 2/24/16 (page 43 of 45)

Or a copy of the single page here:

one of the new ball fields at Franklin High School
one of the new ball fields at Franklin High School

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