Tuesday, February 23, 2016

“This could potentially create havoc with budget cuts.’’

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working on changing the regulations to manage storm water for several years. The regulations are now about to be released, finally.

"Nearly every summer over the past decade, toxic algae blooms, fueled by warm weather and contaminated runoff, have coated parts of the Charles River. Now the federal government is poised to issue sweeping regulations ordering a cleanup, a move expected to cost some river municipalities tens of millions of dollars. 
The regulations, which federal officials say will be issued next month and take effect later this year, have sparked a range of concerns in cities and towns near the river. In Franklin, for example, where the river runs for several miles, local officials estimated the regulations would cost residents an average of $300 a month, and at least $62 million over 20 years, to do things like capture and treat more water. 
Environmental Protection Agency officials said federal dollars will help pay some of the costs."

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catch basins at Sculpture Park were put in with an EPA grant
catch basins at Sculpture Park were put in with an EPA grant

  • EPA grants awarded


  • In Nov 2013, no word on when the EPA storm water fees would be real


  • In June 2010, calls for the EPA to come up with the money


  • Notification of the meetings in May 2010


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