Saturday, March 19, 2016

In the News: DelCarte playground repairs scheduled, Medway board to consider site design

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

"Town Administrator Jeffrey Nutting, speaking at last week's Town Council meeting, said officials have met with the playground manufacturer. 
"We had a very productive meeting," he said. "They made a proposal to move forward on testing the concrete and the soil, and to come back and disassemble a portion of it and weld it back together, so it doesn't keep popping from the ice." 
Nutting said company representatives expect they can do the work at the end of April - assuming the weather is fair. The job would take two or three days. 
"They'll bear all expenses in this matter," he said. "Any final decision would be contingent on having a warranty, so we're not doing this over and over again."

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  DelCarte playground - closed for repairs scheduled for the end of April
DelCarte playground - currently closed for repairs that are scheduled for the end of April

Medway Planning and Economic Development Board meeting

"Exelon’s project represents a much larger proposal at a cost of about $240 million, according to an environmental report. 
The company hopes to build a 200-megawatt expansion of its existing Summer Street power plant, which currently only produces about 117 megawatts of energy via three oil-fired turbines. 
Two new turbines are proposed, along with two 160-foot-tall stacks, a 1-million-gallon fuel oil tank, a 500,000-gallon water tank, a 450,000-gallon demineralized water tank and a 12,000-gallon aqueous ammonia storage tank. 
The board is restricted to only dealing with engineering and site design issues, as the state Energy Facilities Siting Board has the final say as to whether the company can build."

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