Friday, April 15, 2016

Governor Baker Signs $200 Million Bill for Chapter 90 Funding; Franklin to get $948,070

"Governor Charlie Baker today (Thursday, Apr 14) signed House Bill 4133, An Act Financing Improvements to Certain Municipal Roads, authorizing $200 million in Chapter 90 transportation funds for municipalities this construction season. Chapter 90 funding supports the reimbursement of every municipality in the Commonwealth for road-related construction projects and comes from general obligation bond issuances.

“Fulfilling the state’s commitment to support municipalities and grant access to critical funding for important transportation improvements across the Commonwealth has been a priority of our administration since our first day in office,” said Governor Baker. “Cities and towns count on this funding each year and we look forward to remaining a reliable partner on this issue for years to come.”

“As I have traveled across the Commonwealth meeting with local officials to discuss the most important issues facing their cities and towns, Chapter 90 is always an important part of the conversation,” said Lt. Governor Polito. “We are pleased the state will provide $200 million worth of funding that will have a direct impact on the everyday lives of everyone in Massachusetts.”

Chapter 90 reimburses cities and towns for costs incurred for eligible transportation projects. Cities and towns must submit receipts to the MassDOT Highway Division district in which they are located which verifies that the expenditures qualify for reimbursement under Chapter 90. The Highway Districts in turn submit these receipts to the Department of Transportation’s Fiscal Department which facilitates the reimbursements to cities and towns."

Continue reading the press release from the Governor here

What does Franklin get from this announcement? According to the links provided, Franklin is scheduled to receive $948,070

  • City\Town: FRANKLIN
  • District: 3
  • Mileage: 134
  • Population: 31,635
  • Employed: 17,513
  • Allotment: $948,070
For the interactive view to see what other communities receive

screen grab of MassDOT Chapter 90 program page
screen grab of MassDOT Chapter 90 program page

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