Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Live reporting: Legislation for Action


EDC meeting did discuss the blight bylaw
does the current bylaw have enough teeth in it?
yes, with the help of our building inspector, the attorney general's office is involved and working well
I think it is working, used with four properties are in the process

as far as commercial goes, looking for grant funds along the Downtown Partnership

  • Links for the associated documents can be found here

1. Resolution 16-17: Ratification of AFSCME Local 1298, Public Telecommunications

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

8th contract agreed to this year, inline with other contracts

2. Resolution 16-18: Appropriation: Elections Expenses
  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
the long election this fall has created the shortfall

3. Resolution 16-19: Appropriation: Veteran’s Benefits
  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
75% of the veterans benefits are reimbursed, there is additional demands due to the only going and growing needs

4. Resolution 16-20: Appropriate and Authorize the Borrowing of Funds to Pay Costs of the Purchase of Sidewalks and Related Work – 2/3 Vote

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0 (via role call)
estimate came in with bids less than forecasted, could get started this year and possible get most if not all this year, finish next year

down Pleasant to Griffin, then up Chestnut to RT 140

Padula - clarification, answered by Nutting

Max Morrengello
thanks for taking on this issue, great for property values and safety

Bill Leonard
thank you to Jeff for his ease of communication, the roads are a raceway
from a quality of life perspective, it is a going to be a good thing
thanks for being forward thinking an appropriating the funds for this

part of the Master Plan committee
am very much in favor of this
I want to remind you of the Master Plan goal to make this more walkable and bikeable
make DelCarte more accessible and to the other resources
a worthwhile investment

Donna Grant
long fellow drive, 
little fellows here went door to door to get notices out
they are my grandchildren and I applaud your good wisdom

Joanne Philip
our sons are about to be able to walk to school up the street
thanks for making this a safer place to race our kids

Jim Hill
30 years ago we lived on Pleasant St
26 years ago we moved away from the lack of safety issues
a car had crashed into the pole in front of our house
I commend the Council for this issue

5. Proposed FY 16 Capital Plan - Memo
no action required (action covered in Resolution 16-23)

6. Resolution 16-21: Appropriation: Fire Truck Stabilization Fund
Finance Committee vote unanimous to approve

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0 (via role)

part of the plan for paying for the trucks on a regular basis, put money aside
money to stabilization funds require a 2/3rd vote

read in for the record the listing of the 16-23 items before taking the vote on 16-21 (which did pass)

7. Resolution 16-22: Appropriation: Athletic Fields Capital Improvement Stabilization Fund
  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0 (via role)
Finance Committee vote unanimous to approve

similar to the fire truck process, saving money to replace the turf fields eventually, need a bid process, will also plan to resolve the infill to be used before the fields are replaced
need to keep the community informed on the infill material prior to any decision

Jones - I am glad this is starting to be addressed
Kelly - I am aware of a number of meetings on this

8. Resolution 16-23: Appropriation: Capital, FY 16

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0

Finance Committee vote unanimous to approve $1,938,607.09
see listing of items in agenda documents

plan presented an reviewed by FinCom and Council subcommittee, free cash down from last year, so choices had to be made

Fire Station #2 roof is about 15 years old and needs to be replaced due to water issues from leaks in 'old' roof

9. Resolution 16-24: Appropriation: Water Enterprise Capital FY 16
  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
Finance Committee vote unanimous to approve

study on wells 3 and 6

water and sewer on enterprise accounts supported by the rates paid by the users
the 'excess' money in the accounts is planned for usage for the capital accounts and other sundry expenses

10. Resolution 16-25: Appropriation: Sewer Enterprise Capital FY 16
  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
Finance Committee vote unanimous to approve

haven't upgraded the doors in a number of years, difficult to get in with multiple keys, replacing doors and key systems

11. Resolution 16-26: Appropriation: Recreation Improvements

  • motion to approve, seconded, passed 8-0
Finance Committee vote unanimous to approve

Jones - anything we can do to support the children in athletics should be done

Nutting - hats off to Carlos and his folks for doing the good work

Bissanti - It almost makes me want to be a kid again in this town

12. Bylaw Amendment 16-757: Amending the Code of the Town of Franklin by Adding a New Chapter to Require That Property Owners Provide Notification to Public Safety Officials of the Existence of Certain Structures And/Or Uses – 1st Reading

motion to move to second reading, seconded, passed 8-0

Chief McCarragher
1st to alert firefighters about the solar panels on roofs, can be an electrical hazard
can be more easily seen on pitched roofs, hard to see on flat roofs
signage requested for front of building
also on file with fire dept so they can have record of it
if you have had solar put on in the last few years, this does not apply

also needing info on hazardous materials
health hazards have a rating system to indicate the nature of the hazards contained within the buildings
help to save the firefighters from exposure
as the industrial parks emptied out, it was less of an issue
as the economy is picking up, the occupancy is growing, this adds a redundant layer of info

Jones - police and fire may shut off power at the house, solar is usually constantly live however, so this can be a help

Pfeffer - we have a major marijuana growing facility, what notifications do they have

McCarragher - I'd defer to the police chief, I do have a story on the permitting process that they went through, those plant growing facilities do consume a lot of electricity

Pellegri - question on a new chapter?
Cerel - it is really focused on property owners and made sense to make it separate from the hazardous material bylaw

Pellegri - we have so many permits required, who is doing that? 13 permits is too many, we should review that
McCarragher - we do have a couple of people who do this in their down time

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